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Trump, Sanders Win Big In Michigan – Trump, Clinton Take Mississippi

21st Century Wire says…

Rich men love to gamble. Over the last few weeks, tens of millions of dollars have been spent by US elites to try and derail Donald Trump’s Republican primary juggernaut. Tonight’s election results showed what a colossal waste of money this was. 

Trump recorded pivotal wins in the rust belt and also in the deep south with GOP victories in both Michigan (36%) and in Mississippi GOP (48%). Tonight’s double win helps Trump extend his delegate lead over his party competitors – a strong sign heading into the next ‘Super Tuesday’ contest March 15th.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich had his strongest showing yet in Michigan effectively tying for second at 24% with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Interestingly, the GOP establishment favorite Florida Senator Marco Rubio hardly registered on the tote board, finishing with only 9% of the vote in Michigan, and only 4% in Mississippi.

Other states holding contests today are Idaho and Hawaii, with results still pending.

He may not have “won big” in terms of margins, but Democrat challenger Bernie Sanders shocked the media and the Democrat Party operatives by edging the establishment favorite Hillary Clinton, 49% to 48%, in the key working class battleground of Michigan – a state which everyone thought was a lock for the Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton won comfortably in Mississippi with 82% of the vote. Her Mississippi win gives her a delegate lead with 685 pledged delegates for Clinton, and 477 for Sanders.

Clinton has already secure an overwhelming lead, 461 -25, in the establishment’s controversial ‘Super Delegate’ sweepstakes – a parallel system created by party insiders in 1982 in order to hedge against outsider candidates.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue