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Erdogan Panics: Turkish Police Raid Opposition Newspaper – Firing Tear Gas, Water Cannons at Protesters

21st Century Wire says…

This week week we learned that NATO’s increasingly ugly stepchild, Turkey, is responsible for ongoing ceasefire violations in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. Using the international ceasefire as convenient cover, Turkey continues to shell Kurdish YPG militia forces (who are actually fighting against ISIS and al Qaeda) inside of Syria, which in turn is actually helping Al-Nusra takfiri fighters and enabling more illegal arms and supplies to transit through Turkey and over its southern border into Syria where illicit shipments can reach terrorist groups.

Turkey’s 5 year operation to destabilize neighboring Syria comes at a high price however, and for the embattled Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the optics are looking worse by the week as his government struggles to crackdown against increasing political opposition.

The government’s latest move to shutdown the free press indicates a state of real desperation, as does the heavy-handed tactics to quell an ethnic Kurdish uprising throughout Turkey.

Is this the beginning of a new ‘Turkish Spring’ (not a western-financed synthetic Soros spring, but a genuine popular uprising).

Fast falling out of favor with the international community and with opposition brewing within his own party, Erdogan’s days may be numbered…

Adam Barnett

The Independent

Turkey is facing a barrage of criticism from writers and campaigners after seizing control of a national newspaper critical of the government of President Erdogan. 

An Istanbul court has ordered Feza Gazetecilik, a media group that publishes dailies Zaman and Today’s Zaman, to be placed under a “trustee panel” from today, sparking outrage from journalists.

A joint letter signed by writers and artists, and published by UK-based Index on Censorship, called the move an attempt to stifle the free press in Turkey.

The Zaman papers are highly critical of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, running daily stories of government scandals…

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