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Takfiri Nanny Goes Mental in Moscow, Decapitates Child, Parades Victim at Subway

21st Century Wire says…

A story of a nanny gone mad – this fatal and violent meltdown has rocked world headlines.

Moscow is in shock following reports of a woman dressed in black who was seen walking around in a manic state near the entrance of a city subway station – carrying a young female child’s head, while shouting “I am a terrorist.”

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Who the alleged murderer is

The Russian media identified the suspect as Gulchekhra Bobokulova, 39, from Uzbekistan. It’s been reported that she worked for two years as a nanny to the girl who was killed, who was apparently suffering from a severe, but unspecified nervous system disability. The head of the Moscow Migration Service department says the woman did not have a work permit. A source in the police authorities told Interfax that the woman was under the influence of drugs at the moment she was arrested. A “family friend” told the MK.ru news website that Bobokulova was “treated like family” by her employers.

What’s known about the crime

The decapitated body of a 3- or 4-year-old child was found by firefighters responding to a blaze in an apartment near the Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station, the investigative committee said. The media identified the toddler as a girl, Nastya M. Investigators suspect that the nanny waited till the parents had left the apartment with the elder child, then killed the little girl and set the apartment on fire. It’s been alleged she later put the dead child’s head in a bag and took a tram to the metro station. The motive behind the crime is not clear.

What the woman was shouting before being arrested

Numerous videos released online recorded indistinct speech, but some of the phrases can still be discerned, such as the phrase “I hate democracy. I’m a terrorist.”

“I’m your suicide bomber… I’m going to die in a second…The end of the world…” the woman also shouted. “The end of the world is coming in a second…I’m your death”.

She is also heard saying that she has been “cursed” and “destroyed”“so many times.”…

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