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Underground Rags: The Origins of Alternative Media

21st Century Wire says…

It was one of the nation’s first widely circulated alternative newsletter publications, and more importantly, it provided a rare critique of the mainstream media. This is something we take for granted today in the age of digital media, but back in 1940, it was a revolutionary concept in media.

Over the mid to late 20th century, American underground movements were predominately left-wing, with a radical socialist and even communist narrative. One reason for this was because of co-opting and funding which shaped many of the alternative publications of the day.

Today, what is considered ‘alternative’ is much more diverse and covers nearly every conceivable corner of the political and cultural spectrum.

This is the story of George Seldes and In FACT magazine…

The Champion of the Free Press

Brasscheck TV

We’ve been running excerpts of the film “Tell the Truth and Run”.

It’s about the life and work of George Seldes who was one of the first people to expose corruption in the news business.

His reward: Regular people loved his books. The newspapers ignored him…

This excerpt was authorized by film maker and copyright owner Rick Goldsmith.


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