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Syrian Adviser on TV: ‘Turkey is Primary Cause of Conflict in Syria’

21st Century Wire says…

When one steps back to look at it, it’s almost unbelievable just how far detached from reality the US and British media and their respective political classes.

As 21WIRE reported earlier this week, Turkey’s Deputy PM called for ‘secure’ or ‘safe zone’ areas to be created inside Syrian territory. This is identical to what the US military establishment are calling for. However, Turkey’s real interest in creating a ‘secure’ area in Syria has nothing to do with safety for the Syrian people – and everything to do with  the safety of Turkey and NATO’s unofficial proxy ground force, ISIS, al Nusra Front and other foreign jihadist militants that Washington still refers to as “moderate” currently working to rip Syria into pieces. Turkey’s extensively documented history of working with ISIS and plans to build a pipeline through Syria should show.

Now, as Syria and Russia are repelling the terrorists, clandestine Turkey and Saudi Arabia are throwing diplomatic tantrums and making all sorts of wild threats.

To make matters even worse, earlier this week Turkey began shelling Syrian villages – claiming they are doing this to “defend Turkish national security”. Clearly, NATO member Turkey is using its western-allied status as cover to escalate, and prolong, this conflict.

In this segment, RT interviews political adviser to the President of Syria, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, as she gives a stunning summary of the situation in her country, and why relations with the West are so dysfunctional. Watch:

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