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HELPING ISIS: Turkish Troops Enter Syria to Halt Kurdish YPG Advance

21st Century Wire says…

Once again Turkey, and by default Washington DC, reveals its true agenda for Syria – and it doesn’t involve ousting ISIS.

As 21WIRE reported last week, Turkey and Britain’s top priority is to secure key oil transit points in both Syria and Iraq.

In addition to this, NATO member state Turkey has another, albeit darker agenda – to contain and reduce Kurdish militia forces’ ability to counter ISIS, al Nusra and other terrorist brigades – all of whom Turkey shares common military and political objectives for Syria…

Turkish Commandos arrive on the ground in Iraq to secure oil transit points (Image Source: Wikicommons)

Jason Ditz

According to Turkish media reports, a “large number” of Turkish troops have crossed the border into neighboring Syria, moving into ISIS-held Jarabulus uncontested by ISIS forces, and were said to be preparing to fight against Kurdish YPG forces advancing against the town.

The report comes just a day after Turkish forces bombed a YPG headquarters in Tel Abyad, and Turkish officials have repeatedly vowed to prevent the Kurds from crossing the Euphrates River at Jarabulus at all costs.

The report, however, suggests they moved right into ISIS territory without any skirmishes, and if confirmed are likely to raise more speculation that the Turkish government is secretly working with Islamist factions against the Kurds.

YPG spokesman Habun Osman accused Turkey of attacking YPG forces in Tel Abyad specifically to help ISIS, saying they’d never made any direct operations until the Kurdish militia neared Jarabulus. Turkey has repeatedly warned the US against helping the Kurds in taking the city from ISIS.

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