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Oh No! Lindsey Graham Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race

21st Century Wire

It’s like watching that DVD rental store go out of business, or like watching Donald Trump file for bankruptcy for the fifth time. It was bound to happen sooner of later.

Today, the GOP presidential reality show said goodbye to one of its most entertaining contestants. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina dropped out of the race today, leaving many commentators feeling empty as to where they will be able to get so much readily available comic material now.

He’s flamboyant, but in the weirdest way. Never has there been such a loud-mouthed war hawk, who also appears to be so colorful. Despite his tough talk, it’s hard to image that Vladimir Putin, or Bashar al Assad were shaking in their boots during any of Graham’s numerous pro-war rants, as he auditioned for the leading role of “Commander and Chief.”

Graham’s recent camp remarks during the last Republican Party ‘Undercard’ Debate (a consolation debate for those candidates polling below 1%, but who still require  network air time to promote their TV careers, books, speaking tours and the like) did little to abate the gay rumors that have been circulating around him for some time. Last week, Graham delivered another truly cringe-worthy moment, yet the South Carolina Senator seemed to truly revel in the moment, as he quotes lines from the camp classic, The Princess Bride, seemingly pining for the role of “Princess Buttercup”. Clearly, Lindsey just wanted to leap out and be his true self. Watch this clip and commentary from The Kyle Kulinski Show…

Here is John Stewart talking the piss out of Graham’s fanciful delivery…

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