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DRAGON’S FURY: China Vows to Strike ISIS as Chinese Hostage is Killed

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21st Century Wire says…

The Chinese Dragon has awoken and may be about to deliver the final-blow to ISIS.

Watch a video of this report here:

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a Chinese national has been executed by ISIS, in response they are vowing to bring the group ‘to justice’ and to ‘strike’ them.

The national was 50 year old Fan Jinghui, a freelance consultant from Beijing; it is currently unknown how he came to be captive in the Middle East.

Here is exactly what Chinese Foreign Ministry had to say:

The Chinese government strongly condemns this savage act devoid of humanity and will certainly bring the criminals to justice,

The Chinese government will resolutely oppose all forms of terrorism, and resolutely strike at any violent terrorist criminal activities that defy the bottom lines of human culture.

On Wednesday an ISIS propaganda magazine published pictures of both Fan and a Norwegian hostage, Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, showing they had both been executed.

Sick. Ransom ‘advert’ that appeared in an ISIS propaganda magazine.

The Syrian Army, the Kurds and the Russians have been the principle forces fighting ISIS, and President Putin has repeatedly called for a stronger international coalition to be formed to help destroy the threat.

The potential addition of the Chinese to that group would certainly make it a whole lot more formidable.  China’s military is simply huge with many considering it to take third place in global military strength rankings, behind Russia and the United States.

The Chinese military is also technologically advanced to a level that puts it on par with both Russia and the United States.

While China can, unquestionably, help to solve the world’s ISIS problem, their presence in the Middle East could only heighten already growing international tensions – making the region, and the world, more dangerous by the day.

Let us hope they can work with other countries already participating to ensure a peaceful outcome in the wake of this current wave of global hysteria following the Paris Attacks.




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue