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‘Paris False Flag?’ UK Column hosts panel discussion with Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley

21st Century Wire says…

As the events of Friday night in Paris continue to unfold, we will continue to bring you the best analysis and deep commentary on what is really happening, and not what corporate media outlets want you to believe is happening.

“France is at war with ISIS!”, said President Francois Hollande this morning, but who is ISIS exactly, and is it possible to be at war with a non-entity? Was this a false flag event in the same vein as NATO’s previous and deadly Operation GLADIO, a US-European covert ‘domestic terror’ covert project gone wrong – one which killed scores of innocent civilians.

UK Column Live host Mike Robinson moderates a panel discussion with 21WIRE writer Patrick Henningsen and contributor Vanessa Beeley, to discuss Friday night dramatic event in France, and a detailed analysis of what we can expect coming over the next days, weeks and months regarding NATO’s almost certain expansion into Syria and Iraq. Watch…

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