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Confrontation Coming? US Deploys Jets Intended for Air-to-Air Combat to Syria

21st Century Wire says…

Diplomacy is always secondary to military force in today’s world.

Watch a video of this report here:

The Pentagon has announced that it is deploying F-15C Eagles to Turkey for operations in Syria.

F-15 pilots are almost exclusively trained for air-to-air combat and the jets usually only carry armaments capable of performing air-to-air missions.

They were never deployed in either Iraq or Afghanistan, which means they are a reaction to the specific Syrian situation that has unfolded recently involving Russian airpower.

Laura Seal, a spokesperson from the US Defense Department, said they are toensure the safety” of NATO’s allies.

She added, I didn’t say it wasn’t about Russia, which essentially confirms that this is all about Russia.

An F-15C Eagle flying high above the clouds. (Photo Credit: Staff Sgt Samuel Rogers)

Russia’s successful, month-long air campaign in Syria has devastated ISIS and left the West in a rather embarrassing position.

Numerous attempts have tried, but spectacularly failed, to frame the Russian intervention as a bad thing.

We might, therefore, be seeing a physical reaction to Russia’s mission after the propaganda has fallen flat.

A physical reaction is undoubtedly far more dangerous than the propaganda war the West has been waging, but with the Russian deployment of the world’s most advanced aerial defence system throughout Syria, it is possible that the F-15s are going to be flying blind and be essentially useless.

Who would be the victor in an air war between the U.S. and Russia?

Either way, this is turning into a recipe for disaster.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue