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Israel vs Palestine: David vs Goliath Narrative That Shows No Sign of Abating

21st Century Wire says…

The violence between Israeli military state and Palestinians living under occupation has gradually escalated over recent weeks, with Palestinian youths taking to the streets en mass – not only in retaliation to IDF brutality, but also to protest over 50 years of military occupation by Israeli colonial forces.

Thus far, roughly 56 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli police state. On the other side, 8 Israelis are said to have been killed in Palestinian retaliations. The rising death toll is certain to further inflame an already deteriorating situation, with no end in sight.

DAVID vs GOLIATH: Well-armed IDF soldiers routinely square-off against barely armed Palestinian youths.

Israel is no stranger to subjugating the region’s indigenous Palestinian population, as it regularly engages in systematic land theft, ethnic cleansing and genocide, in an effort to forge its own plans for a Greater Israel.

Here’s the latest tragedy that is sure to ignite more troubles…

‘Neutralized’: Israeli police shoot Palestinian girl dead, cite knife threat


Israeli border police shot a Palestinian girl dead in the West Bank after she tried to stab officers, according to police accounts, saying she had been “neutralized.” However, reports from witnesses dispute the claim that she posed a threat.


The incident took place in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

1-Dania Irshaid-Palestine“A Palestinian woman acting suspiciously approached border police forces. She was requested to identify herself when she suddenly drew a knife and approached the forces yelling. The forces shot at her and neutralized her,” a police statement said.

The Palestinian girl was identified as 17-year-old Dania Irshaid [photo, left]. Israel said that none of the police officers had been injured.

The attack took place near a site known to Israelis as Cave of the Patriarchs and to Muslims as Ibrahimi Mosque.

However, the police’s version of the incident has been disputed by witnesses who said no knife had been visible and that officers shot her approximately eight times.

Abdu Khader, who was only a few meters away, told AFP that when Irshaid reached the checkpoint, officers searched her backpack.

“She presented her backpack to soldiers who proceeded to search it,” Khader said. “I heard them calling her and saying ‘Where is the knife? Where is the knife?’ She took a step back but there were a dozen soldiers behind her. They shot seven or eight times.”

Raed Abu Rmileh described the events as follows: “She was at the checkpoint. A soldier called her to go through her bag. She put her bag on the ground and then we heard shooting. The soldiers said she had a knife,” he said, adding that no such weapon was visible…

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