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What Russia Really Wants (Introductory Seminar For Washington Dumbies)

21st Century Wire says…

Not a minute goes by in the western media where seemingly clueless news anchors, pundits and political ‘experts’ are rampantly speculating about “what’s Putin thinking”, “what Russia is after”, and even “Russia’s imperial aspirations” (a bit rich coming from America’s supposed political ‘experts’).

This recent panel debate hosted by Peter Lavelle, which aired on RT International this week offers a refreshing and honest discussion about ‘What Really Russia Wants’ – its diplomatic role, its national aspiration and its international right – in Syria, in the Ukraine, at the UN, and at home…

CrossTalk says: What are the primary principles that form Russia’s foreign policy? In the West, the public are repeatedly told Russia is an aggressive state – is there any evidence to back up this claim? And finally, what about the role of diplomacy? CrossTalking with Nicolai Petro, Mark Sleboda, and Gilbert Doctorow. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue