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End Game: Is Netanyahu Nudging Towards Israel’s Annexation of East Jerusalem?

21st Century Wire says…

The situation between new State of Israel and the native Palestinian population has gone way beyond tense these past few weeks. In fact, it’s been beyond tense for many decades now.

Until the underlying issues are properly addressed, negotiations will remain problematic.

“The prisons, checkpoints, settlements, bypass roads, color-coding and Apartheid Wall are symbols of bankruptcy of thought and spirit, of a colonial occupation that is following the brutal logic of its European predecessors that failed to crush a people’s spirit.”
Dr. Hatem Bazian

Given the potential enormity of this latest crisis (‘never let a good crisis go to waste’), one wonders:

Does Israel have an endgame in mind?

IMAGE: Israeli leader Bibi Netanyahu.

Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research

It is reported today that: ‘Tensions have surged in 11 days of violence in which four Israelis and 17 Palestinians ­ including several Palestinians shot by police, have been killed in Jerusalem, the Israeli­-occupied West Bank, Gaza and in Israeli cities.’

This violent unrest has been provoked by the Israeli government’s apparent attempt to change the long-established and sensitive, religious control by Muslim elders of the al­-Aqsa mosque compound, Islam’s third holiest shrine. This action has clearly been pre­meditated by a Likud government with full knowledge of the inevitable consequences.

One point is certain: until there is a regime change in Israel to an administration that will genuinely sue for peace ­ then there is an inevitability that there will be a new regional conflict that will escalate beyond anyone’s control. The dangers ­ not only to the region but also to Europe, are too disastrous to contemplate.

Israel’s mentor, military supplier, funder and political principal, the United States, must intervene now to avoid what can be a cataclysmic catastrophe in the Holy City, and the Middle East, that will make ISIL almost an irrelevance.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue