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Astronomers Find Alien ‘Megastructures’ Orbiting Star Near Milky Way

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21st Century Wire says…

If correct this would put that alien civilisation thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of our own development.

Watch a video of this report here:

Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn State University, is set to publish a report on a ‘swarm of megastructures‘ that have been found orbiting a star just outside of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The anomaly was initially discovered by citizen scientist, ‘planet hunters’ who were searching through the data collected on 150,000 stars by the Kepler Space Telescope.

The star, designated KIC 8462852, was tagged as ‘bizarre’ and ‘interesting’ by the independent researchers because it was surrounded by a mass of matter in a tight formation.

Young stars can be surrounded by such matter at the start of their lifecycle, but KIC 8462852 is not a young star. A paper was published seeking natural explanations but the only one that held any weight at all, that a string of comets had been pulled into the star’s orbit, would have been the result of an incredibly improbable coincidence.

What else is out there in the stars waiting to be found? (Photo Credit: ESO/Y)

Jason Wright of Penn State then took over, and now the possibility that the structures were created by intelligent life is being seriously considered.

Wright and his team believe that civilisations seek to harness energy, and that harnessing the energy of a star is the final and most advanced way of doing so.

The megastructures could, then, be a super advanced device placed around the star, by an incredibly developed civilisation, to directly harness its energy. Imagine incredibly large solar panels placed around our Sun, for example.

Wright and his team now plans to search for wavelengths associated with technological civilisations around the star, which will begin in January.

He said,If things go really well, the follow-up could happen sooner, if we saw something exciting we’d be asking to go on right away.

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