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West Embarrassed By Russia in Syria, Now Blaming Russia for MH17 Disaster

21st Century Wire says…

If you cannot see how obviously suspicious the timing of the release of this report is, we have some ocean front property, at bargain basement prices, with your name on it.

Watch a video of this report here:

Today, the Dutch Safety Board released a report blaming a ‘Russian-made BUK missile’ as the cause of the destruction of MH17.

However, they begrudgingly admit that they cannot say who fired the missile.

As we mentioned above, the timing of the release of this report is more than suspicious…

Russia has just dramatically embarrassed the West in Syria, destroying 40% of the terrorist infrastructure in just one week and causing a terrorist exodus.

Its release comes alongside comments from ‘anonymous officials’ that CIA-backed rebel fighters were making progress before the Russian air campaign. Therefore, it fits into a continuing narrative seeking to demonise Russia that has gone into overdrive since the successful Russian intervention in Syria began.

Is everything Russia’s fault these days? (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Western outlets have been quick to report that Russia now needs ‘to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation‘, but have mostly omitted the arguments Russian evidence on the disaster has been ignored.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s Press Secretary, told journaliststhere are facts delivered by the Russian side that, for unclear reasons, are being apparently ignored“. He says Russia has “repeatedly expressed its disappointment over the lack of proper level of cooperation and engagement of the Russian experts into the investigation.”

The deputy head of Roasaviation, Oleg Storchevoy, wrote a letter to the International Civil Aviation Association claiming thatcomprehensive information delivered by Russia“, and the “basic principle of investigating air incidents – sequence of conclusions” had both been entirely ignored.

He posits that the ‘official’ investigators, “immediately jumped to conclusions and blamed a BUK missile“, without offering any hard evidence.

Here is the problem with Western logic: if Russia is to blame for the acts of ‘Russian-backed rebels’ in Ukraine, then why isn’t the West also blaming itself for the atrocities of ‘Western-backed rebels’ in Syria?

If ‘moderate rebels’ or terrorists in Syria or Northern Iraq shoot-down an airliner with US-supplied weapons, then who can the West blame?

To learn more about what really happened to the missing flight, be sure to read our MH17 one year anniversary report here at 21WIRE.

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