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Occupied Palestine: Wise Up Obama – There Is No ‘Peace Process’ Under Netanayahu

21st Century Wire says…

It’s amazing to watch how intricately skilled the routine has become. So what happened to the once celebrated ‘peace process’?

The whole of the US and European media have become extremely adept at dancing around the Palestine issue, continuing to push it off of the news pages and screens. The same with western politicians. This is what billions of dollars per year in Israel lobbying money buys – complete silence.

Israel is happy with the status quo – building more illegal settlements and continuing its gradual policy and practice of “ethnic purification” of the the Arab natives.

Confidence in peace process is at an all-time low. Where does this ineptitude lead to? Only two day ago, a new survey published by a Palestinian think-tank found that confidence in the Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas is plummeting – and that more Palestinians are now in support war with Israel. To anyone who was really paying attention, this is hardly surprising.

Nice work Israel. Nice work Washington. Watch Israel blame the Palestinians, and Washington bury its head in the sand, as they’ve always done before.

Welcome to ‘western democracy’…

ROAD TO NOWHERE: Israel has become an expert in killing negotiations in their tracks.

Dr. Ludwig Watzal
Global Research

How come that US President Obama thinks that Israel’s prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, and his Zionist colonial fanatics are interested in peace with the Palestinians?

The different Israeli governments never negotiated in good faith with them, starting with David Ben-Gurion and ending up with Netanyahu. The so-called Oslo Accords were a trap that paved the way for further colonization, Bantustanization and land grab.

Since the “peace process” broke out in 1993, the number of Zionist colonialists rose from 100 000 to 600 000. The policy of Ariel Sharon and Benyamin Netanyahu aimed at a total surrender of the Palestinian leadership. The Palestinian people are penned in Bantustan-like Ghettos. Each time, the good intentions of the Obama administration were torpedoed by Netanyahu. He is also doing everything to bring the nuclear deal with Iran down.

The US government and the American People should ask themselves why support a country that not only sabotages peace with the Palestinians but also does everything possible to ridicule the US President and to hurt the interest of the US. Israel has no right to occupy Syrian, Lebanese (Shebaa Farms) and Palestinian land or East Jerusalem. Israel does not only scorns international law but also the human rights of the Palestinian people. Why does the United States act as Israel’s bully and prevents the international community and the United Nations from taking actions in the form of sanctions against this country?

Did Israel ever do something good for the United States of America except spying on it and sabotaging its political initiatives? Israel is an “albators like ally” and a huge strategic liability on the US. America was not attacked because of its wealth or its freedom, like Bush and its neoconservative gang claimed, but because it supports the Zionist aggression and colonization of another people’s land.

Israel’s enemies in the Middle East are not America’s enemies. Until the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, there was no trouble between Arab Muslim countries and the US. The US government should reverse this trend by saying that there does not exist a “special relationship” between Israel and the US. This is a deception of the American public by corrupt politicians. And they should not dream of it, to lead another war for Israel.

What kind of values are the American politicians talking about, while defending Zionist zealots in the Occupied Palestinian Territories? At the end of his term in office, President Obama should be doing the Palestinian people a great favor and recognize the State of Palestine. He can be sure that all the European vassals will follow suit, even the Germans.

Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn, Germany. He runs the bilingual blog “between the lines”. http://between-the-lines-ludwig-watzal.blogspot.de

Copyright © Dr. Ludwig Watzal, Global Research, 2015

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