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Orwell Down Under: Tony Abbot Steps Down, Enter Malcolm Turnbull

21st Century Wire says…

Exactly one month ago, 21WIRE reported on how Australia’s troubled Prime Minster Tony Abbot might be facing certain political death following his notorious poison pen letter. Yesterday made it official – Abbot’s grip on power finally ended Down Under.

As New World Order puppets go, few are as bold and as ignorant as Tony Abbot. As mentioned previously, Abbot is a political “clone of Tony Blair”, and gleefully engaged in similar diabolical moves attacking civil liberties, and tried to sneak the disasterous TPP under the noses of Australians, and embarrassed his entire nation by threatening to ‘shirt-front’ Vladimir Putin ahead of the G20 in Sydney in 2014, after blaming Russia for shooting down MH17.

In short, his tenure was one of the biggest disasters in modern Australian political history.

THICK: Former PM Abbot became an ugly puppet of London and Washington.

Australian MP Clive Palmer recorded his farewell message to Tony Abbot, which has gone viral on YouTube:

Will Abbot’s replacement, MP Malcolm Turnbull, be any better than the previous clown? We’ll see…

IB Times

Tony Abbot has been ousted as Australia’s Prime Minister after the Liberal Party favoured Malcolm Turnbull with 54 votes out of Abbot’s 44. Netizens have taken to social media to express their opinions on the result, some mocking the liberal party’s vote with the hash tag #libspill while others say their goodbyes to Abbot through hilarious memes.

The Typewriter.org has listed down some of the hilarious goodbye memes for Abbot. Twitter user Jo Alabaster seemed to make fun of Abbot’s penchant for eating onions when she shared a photo of the vegetables hanging inside its net on a doorway. She captioned the image, “Goodbye, Tone” along with the hash tags #putyouronions,  #libspill and #auspol.

Another photo shared by Senator Ricky Muir on Twitter showed a spilled coffee mug with the caption, “I was liberally enjoying a coffee and then it spilt #libspill.”

Twitter user Natalie Bochenski on the other hand shared a photo of Malcolm and Abbot cheek-to-cheek and labelled the image, “The Killing Season Series 2.” She also captioned the photo,“Gee, the ABC moves quickly these days, doesn’t it?” along with the hash tags #returnbull, #libspill and  #auspol.

Meanwhile, Parliament Member and Australian politician and businessman Clive Palmer recorded his farewell message to Tony Abbot in a couple of videos. In the first video below, Palmer is seen inside what looked to be a car and is heard somewhat singing his goodbyes as he tells Abbot “goodbye Tony” over and over again and telling him it’s “time to go time to roll over.”

The second video seemed to have been taken inside an office where Palmer is once again saying his “goodbye Tony Abbot” in repetition. He ended his video message with, “Twidleytoo.”…

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Watch some of Abbot’s most monumental gaffs here:

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