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France’s Le Pen Says Europe Migrant Crisis Is Same As ‘Barbarian Invasion of Rome’

21st Century Wire says…

As 21WIRE reported previously, European leaders and establishment media continue to misrepresent the ‘migrant crisis’ because they do not want the public to know that it is European, North America and Israeli leaders who have caused it to happen in the first place.

Marine Le Pen, the current French presidential front-runner, claims that Europe’s migrants and asylum seeker trend is the same as when the barbarians invaded Rome. Le Pen also compared it to the ‘Nazi invasion of Europe’. Sadly, Le Pen is not currently articulating France’s roles in the following: the sacking of Libya (although she has commented intelligently on Libya in the past), France’s support for the foreign proxy insurgency in Syria, and NATO’s failed 15 year takeover attempt in Afghanistan – all of which have been the key drivers in the synthetic ‘migrant crisis’. These realities continue to stump one dimensional politicians and their media pilot fish.

Currently, the staged crisis playing out in front of corporate mainstream media news cameras is all part of NATO’s strategy to ramp-up military intervention in the Middle East by establishing “safe havens” (No Fly Zones) in northern Syria, and thus allowing NATO and Israel a clear run to bomb unimpeded, and possibly invade and occupy Syrian territory, in order to protect their terrorist proxies present running wild in both Syria and Iraq, followed by plans to remove the Syrian government in Damascus. 

The engineered migrant crisis media campaign is also fueling the agenda of aspiring right-wing nationalist political leaders hoping to seize power in the near future general elections throughout Europe.

More from Paris…


French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen has compared the surge in asylum seekers coming into Europe to the invasion of Rome by barbarians.

Preview French presidential front-runner Marine Le Pen has compared the surge in asylum seekers coming into Europe to the invasion of Rome by barbarians. The nationalist politician previously landed in hot water when she drew parallels between Muslims in Europe and a Nazi invasion.

“Without any action, this migratory influx will be like the barbarian invasion of the IV century, and the consequences will be the same,” the Front National (FN) leader told supporters during a rally ahead of December’s regional elections in Arpajon, a suburban town in southern Île-de-France, the region that includes Paris.

“We must immediately stop this madness to safeguard our social pact, freedom and identity.”

Over 1 million asylum seekers are expected to arrive in Europe by the end of this year, more than twice as many as last year.

Le Pen blamed both of the mainstream coalitions, former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s center-right UMP, and current leader Francois Hollande’s Socialist party for what she called “only the first wave of coming migrants.”

(…) Le Pen has built her recent campaign around the refugee crisis, thought previously focused on discrediting the status of those coming in. Last week, she said that genuine refugees were “an ultra-minority” and that “99 percent” of those pictured coming into Europe are men, looking for work.

(…) “There are 1.5 million people waiting for social housing in Île-de-France and who will never have the opportunity to be housed in a place like this because of the country’s preferential treatment of foreigners. I say this not to stigmatize these newcomers, but to denounce those responsible for this situation,” Le Pen said to loud cheers from the audience”…

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