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DECEIVERS: Western Complicity in Tragic Death of Drowned Syrian Boy

1-Stuart J HooperStuart J. Hooper
21st Century Wire

One has to begin to wonder what planet David Cameron actually inhabits.

Watch a video of this report here:

Western Hypocrisy in Full View

British PM David Cameron has said he was “deeply moved” by the viral images of a dead Syrian boy who washed up on Turkish shores this week. He was one of thousands attempting to flee their war-torn homeland for safer shores.

Cameron added that “Britain is a moral nation and we will fulfill our moral responsibilities”, believing that he personally “sent the Royal Navy to the Mediterranean and saved thousands of lives”. Delusion of this magnitude should be a cause for concern, and perhaps even medical treatment at a psychiatric facility.

Cameron’s ‘moral nation’ is where one million people are having to rely on food banks to feed their families, shortages of nurses are threatening lives in hospitals, austerity cuts are forcing people to commit suicide, university tuition fees were tripled dooming an entire generation into a debt black hole, and, executives from banks engaged in flagrant criminal activity are appointed to positions in the government. Not such a ‘moral nation’ after all then.

Libya – destroyed by NATO. (Photo Credit: ليبي صح)

Yet, this is just the tip of Cameron’s delusion, what we are about to analyse is the point where he passes the delusional border into being an outright deceiver. Of the horrific scenes broadcast yesterday, Cameron said “the people most responsible, are President Assad in Syria and the butchers of ISIL and the criminal gangs that are running this terrible trade in people”.

Here’s the deceit: with Cameron’s support NATO destroyed the entire state of Libya, a country that was incredibly developed prior to the attack. This is an action that Gaddafi himself prophetically foresaw would lead to the Mediterranean becoming a ‘sea of chaos‘. The shooter who recently terrorised a beach resort in Tunisia trained in the newly failed state of Libya, and torture now passes for justice in Libyan courts. It is no wonder that people traffickers now operate freely throughout Libya and thousands of people are trying to escape the chaos.

Cameron’s attack on Assad needs special attention. Unlike Gaddafi, Assad has managed to hold firm against the West’s attacks by proxy in an attempt to maintain the sovereignty of the secular beacon of the Middle East. That proxy would be an army of terrorists that Cameron and other Western leaders thought they would unleash on the country after training them in Jordan. They claimed they were ‘moderates‘ seeking freedom and democracy – how wrong they were. Those ‘moderate’ freedom lovers now admit they are working with ISIS; who Cameron blames for the migrant crisis.

Chaos has replaced peace throughout Syria and Libya. (Photo Credit: ليبي_صح)

We have just demonstrated how Cameron’s statements are utter lies and exposed him as a deceiver of the highest order. Libya and Syria would not both be generating migrants at a rate of thousands per day if they were not interfered with by Cameron and his cronies to begin with. ISIS, who Cameron also claims are causing the problem, would not even exist if the PM did not insist on initiating actions in Syria which allowed the group to flourish.

Here’s the bottom line for anyone saying anything different: millions of people were not looking to flee from Libya under Gaddafi, Syria under Assad, or even Iraq under Saddam, instead, they left after Western actions to supposedly ‘make things better’ were initiated and implemented by deceptive and scheming leaders like David Cameron. It is because of this, that the West has a personal responsibility to every single one of those people who has had their life destroyed.

The real ‘moral responsibility’ sits firmly on Cameron’s shoulders, as it is he who is ‘most responsible’. It is time for these deceptive leaders to accept this undeniable truth, honestly face the consequences of their actions, and help to rebuild the shattered lives of these millions of innocent people.

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