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‘God Complex’: Is Glenn Beck Clinically Insane?

21st Century Wire asks…

Is right-wing media mogul Glenn Beck mentally ill, or even clinically insane?

Clearly, this $90 million per year right-wing media tycoon and founder of The Blaze, seems to be wrestling with his own ‘God Complex‘.

In recent months, Beck has become increasingly more and more like an incoherent TV evangelist rather than an actual political pundit. He routinely evokes “God’s judgement” in relation to any news event with his dispensationalist ‘End Times’ baffoonery, warning that “God has abandoned this country”, and has stopped just short of actually passing a megalomanic’s final point of no return: claiming that God is speaking directly to him (as with George W. Bush). There’s still time yet, Glenn.

Beck: Insane, or just sociopathic?

As he ascends to ever new heights of demagoguery, Beck then becomes the master manipulator, regularly conjuring up tears on air in order to garner sympathy from crowds. For his faithful flock, however, salvation can always be achieved by buying his many survivalist products.

WARNING: Beck’s attempt to fuse together evangelical religion with reactionary right-wing politics has been used throughout history by clever social engineers in order to soften-up the population for a fascist phase.

Young Turks say…

The shooting in Virginia has rocked the nation’s conscious but it has done much more to Glenn Beck.

The conservative commentator believes that the shooting is a last warning from God before he brings about the end times. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, delivers his Final Judgment on Glenn Beck’s sanity.

Do you think Glenn Beck has lost it? Is he insane or just exploiting a tragedy? Let us know in the comments below.

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