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‘Caliphate Allows Cappuccinos’: ISIS ‘Travel Guide’ Hits European Streets

21st Century Wire says…

Just when you thought the ISIS narrative couldn’t get any more ridiculous and camp, their own jihadi lonely planet guide surfaced this week on the streets of southern Europe. The controversial brochure is said to be used in recruitment of much needed ‘skilled labor’ from Italy.

The guide features a compendium of do’s and dont’s and places of interest for the intrepid unemployed jihadist in search of misadventure.

It warns of excessive heat in the deserts of Iraq and Syria, and where to find swimming holes to cool off between sacking local villages, and also embraces espressos, flat whites, smartphones and other creature comforts fit for the fanatical soldier of fortune.

Perhaps the terrorist gang is hoping to attract more takfiri hipsters like Egyptian Islam Yaken, pictured below, looking rather ironic as he runs amok posing for serious-looking selfies in Syria:

As the western media grows frustrated with falling sales in ISIS news, expect the ISIS media circus to become more bizarre as the coming months pass…


‘A Brief Guide to the Islamic State’ propaganda pamphlet has surfaced in radical circles in Italy, local media report.

Describing Islamic State territories as “a cosmopolitan society” and “a plush holiday resort,” it says living in the caliphate won’t affect Costa Coffee fans.


Its author Abu Rumaysah al-Britani – former student of preacher and Islam4UK radical group founder, Anjem Choudary – described the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) as some kind of holiday destination “with an exquisite Mediterranean climate.”

The Guide is aimed not only at attracting new fighters to their jihadist ranks, but also bringing skilled workers and intellectuals to the Caliphate. The book describes IS “as a magnet for talent, a cosmopolitan society with scholars.”

The controversial brochure is now being used by IS to recruit engineers, doctors, data analysts and other specialist in Italy, Corriere della Sera reported.

Like an ordinal travel guide, al-Britani’s work boasts such sections as food, weather, transport, people and more, explaining how to get to the Caliphate and receive maximum enjoyment from staying there.

In particular, the author assures that those who decide to join Islamic State won’t be living on “stale bread and septic water.”

According to the guide, the Caliphate offers a variety of chicken, lamb and vegetarian dishes, including shawarma, sheesh kebab, and vegetarian sandwiches, all fresh and “100 percent halal.”

Of course, there’s no alcohol on the menu, but the jihadists can treat themselves with fruity cocktails, which are “very popular in summer and cost less than a dollar” and coffee because “the Caliphate serves the best lattes and cappuccinos around.”

Ice-cream and all famous brands of Western chocolate bars are also available, the guide says in an effort to calm the sugar hounds out there.

As for the weather, al-Britani describes the Syrian and Iraqi territories held by Islamic State as “a plush holiday resort.”

“Whether it is the sandy ruggedness of Barakah or the green hilly plains of Halab… I guarantee you will find the scenery truly breath-taking,” he writes…

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