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Open or Closed? Obama, Pentagon Remain Quiet About Gitmo ‘Double Agent Factory’

21st Century Wire says…

As President Barack Obama’s final term comes towards a close, talk has been trending about whether or not he will make good on one of his fundamental campaign promises made back in 2008.

Will he close Washington’s perennial eyesore, the War on Terror’s official detention center at Guantanamo Bay? Probably, albeit at the eleventh hour of his tenure

After 15 years of headlines, it might surprise some people to discover that the most valuable function of Gitmo was to incarcerate dangerous terrorists in order to “keep them off the streets.” Nor was it to torture innocent and otherwise insignificant terrorist suspects into confessing things they never did or dreamed of. Most knowledgeable (and reasonable) military-industrial pundits will even admit that there are very few, if any, actual organic terrorists locked-up inside Gitmo.

So what is its real purpose then?

‘Penny Lane’ – CIA’s Club Med for Islamic double agents.

So putting aside mainstream talking points, when one really looks closely at the Gitmo facility, an much bigger and more profound question emerges: where can the US groom, train and redeploy all of the double agents churning out of Gitmo? Back in 2013 and 2014, 21WIRE informed readers about the Pentagon’s terrorist conveyor belt being run out of Gitmo:

Penny Lane was setup in the aftermath of 9/11 and in use until 2006, the CIA used it to train terrorists to be double agents, meant to infiltrate Al Qaeda terror cells. Penny Lane was named after the Beatles tune and was connected to another secret facility called Strawberry Fields a name also taken from the british rock group. We were told that the operation had been successful in its scope but the fact is, the CIA ‘lost touch’ with many of its newly trained double agents. The Penny Lane facility was unlike any other building in the Guantanamo Bay prison area, as it was said to have beds, kitchens and a patio for its prisoners. The money to pay informants and double agents was also provided for by the CIA under the codename ‘Pledge.’

In fact, the Pentagon and CIA’s Gitmo graduate class includes some of the global war on terror’s most prominent Takfiri reality stars – like Libya’s militant governor of Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, and the Chechen terrorist group Kata’ib Mohadzherin’s leader Airat Vakhitov – who were both imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba circa 2002-2003, after being captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Both were released – effectively redeployed into the field but under a new chain of command, before filtering back into fighting regions to lead organize Al-Qaeda-types Islamist militant groups – both active leaders in countries that the US and NATO have been actively vying for regime change – in Libya and Syria.

Spy chiefs believed this was the best system, mainly because anyone who ‘did time’ in Gitmo were showered with instant street credibility in militant circles making them ideal covert informants and Takfirist cult leaders. During secret intelligence briefings, western spooks will have our bureaucrats believe that this is essential to national security, when in reality, all Washington is doing here is spreading terrorism and keeping terrorist paramilitary fighting units, like ISIS and al Nusra, in business and free to wreak havoc against nations the Anglo-Americans seek to antagonize and destabilize – in countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq, and later in Russia and also in western China. Based on these facts, it would be pretty safe to assume then that ANY high-profile ‘Gitmo Graduate’ is working with western intelligence and security agencies on some level.

It turns out now that US states do not want Washington’s spook school casualties dumped in their state or federal penitentiaries. Where will Washington move its operation..?


Closing Guantanamo is not something that we should leave for the next president, but Obama is running out of time, said Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

The Pentagon’s process of moving the camp to inside US borders is proving to be difficult.

“As long as this detention facility remains open, it will remain a rallying cry for jihadi propaganda,” Carter told reporters on Thursday. Obama promised to close the notorious prison, presently holding 116 detainees, at the beginning of his tenure and has been reiterating the pledge through his time in the office.

“Closing the detention facility in Guantanamo is not something, in my judgment, that we should leave to the next president, whether Republican or Democrat,” he said, adding that he strongly supports President Obama’s plan for bringing a “responsible end” to ending detention at Guantanamo.

“It’s expensive for this department and not something the president wants to leave for his successor,” he said.

Out of 116 detainees some are eligible for transfer to other countries, and the defense secretary said that he approved the transfer of several detainees and “will continue to do so when appropriate.”

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The second category of detainee includes those who are not eligible for transfer, and Carter insisted that Guantanamo cannot be closed until a solution for these detainees is found. He said that these detainees should remain held within the “law of war detention” in the interest of national security. Carter said that he therefore wanted to complete a “responsible, realistic and security-focused plan for an alternative detention facility” for this second group of detainees…

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