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White House Tries to Bring Iran Deal Down to Ghetto Level

21st Century Wire says…

Just when you thought all the idiotic PR stunts were finished, and that the current White House had finally let go of its immature obsession with appearing hip and cool…

Then some idiot who is drawing a salary on taxpayer time, did the stupidest, most childish thing you could ever imagine out of a White House already known for shamelessly playing the race card. Using something as serious as a multi-lateral, international nuclear negotiation – to show-off one’s ghetto credentials.

That’s just sad…

Straight outta memes? White House’s Iran deal tweet draws backlash


By jumping onto the “Straight outta” meme bandwagon driven by the clickbait website BuzzFeed, the twitter account set up by the Obama administration to promote the nuclear deal with Iran may have become the laughingstock of the internet.

For the past several weeks, the internet has been taken over by viral images based on the poster for “Straight Outta Compton,” a newly released biopic about the hip-hop group N.W.A.  Even BuzzFeed began to wonder if people have “gone too far” with the meme.

Someone at the White House thought otherwise:

One Twitter user blasted it as “sophomoric idiocy”:

The White House and Hillary Clinton were “competing in dumb,” said another commenter, referring to the Clinton campaign’s odd request on Wednesday for thoughts on student debt “in 3 emojis or less”:

Numerous commenters have wondered whether @TheIranDeal was a parody account. A White House staffer who spoke to BuzzFeed on condition of anonymity confirmed the Obama administration stood by both the account and the specific tweet.

“We have been clear that we would be employing creative strategies, including digital outreach, to draw attention from as broad an audience as possible (particularly a younger audience) to the Iran deal,” the staffer said. “To the extent this Tweet reaches audiences that our more traditional Tweets have not, it will have accomplished the intended objective, especially if it spurs them to learn more about the deal.”…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue