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Hipster Invasion Set To Homogenize, Sedate Restless Ukrainians

21st Century Wire says…

How do you subdue rows of feral NeoNazis and columns of fascist youth? Send in the hipsters.

The cult of cool has finally landed in western Ukraine. Moscow should be over the moon with this latest news – hordes of ironic men have started appearing everywhere – wearing drain pipe pants and suspenders, with beards and Mac Air laptops.

Women wearing flower tattoos have also been spotted – riding vintage bicycles, while others are opening over-priced cupcake shops. Culture expert believe they could be turning Kiev in the next East Berlin.

Hipsters have conquered Europe and are now setting up an Easter Front in the Ukraine.

It’s the latest chapter in Kiev’s “Euro Maidan” movement” which was launched during the US-backed “Color Revolution” and coup d’etat which began back in December 2013. Since then, retro barber shops, pop-up bars and restaurants and boutique tattoo parlours are popping up also.

1-Hipster-CultureCulturally, this means the prevailing trends in Kiev’s ‘up and coming neighborhoods’ will be dominated by the following hipster tenets: a bounty irony, lots of nonsensical cultural juxtapositioning, overall political indifference.

For some, this also poses a risk of an outbreak of acute narcissism and endless navel-gazing. Such are the cultural risks and social side-effects of allowing hipster lifestyle to permeate a culture near you.

1-Hipster-BabyUkrainian baby names like Alexi, Sasha, Olga, Katia, Liza and Irena may soon be a thing of the past. Hipster offspring are likely to have names like Atticus, Auden, Roman, Madison, August, Mariska, Anais, Spike and Lorde.

As the football pubs disappear, they’re replaced by fashionista SoHo-like bars serving hot dogs with champagne, craft beers, Negroni cocktails and homemade Cola soda drinks. 

Kiev has finally been conquered…

Kiev’s Hipster Revolution

KIEV — A disc jockey spins a remix of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” on a stage by the river, while scores of young fashion brands that have sprung up in Ukraine’s capital since the revolution hawk their wares in a carnival atmosphere.

T-shirts decorated with slogans like “Putin is a Dick,” “Pray for Ukraine” and “Separatist Buyer’s Club,” flap in the cool summer breeze, alongside harem pants in folk patterns, hoodies emblazoned with the Ukrainian trident, and tons of other creative knick-knacks. A vivacious girl in lensless granny glasses hands us a free cupcake for our “good vibrations” while a bearded barber from the “Tommy Gun Barbershop” offers free shaves.

It’s just past noon on a summer Sunday, but Kiev Market is pumping, hipsters jostling against each other to sample the wares.

The flea market was launched just over a year ago, but has already become a fixture of the city’s booming hipster scene that has emerged since the country’s Euro Revolution.

“This European youth movement started with the Maidan. Young people realized that they needed to do something for themselves, and not depend on the government,” says Kiev Market founder Miriam Dragina, a former journalist who launched the market last year to raise funds for the Ukrainian army. She had the idea for the market while visiting Amsterdam last year, and modeled it on street markets in Europe.

“We were inspired by Moscow in the past, but now we’re moving closer to Berlin style,” she adds…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue