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Fish in a Barrel: Is Israel Planning Another Summer Kill-Fest?

21st Century Wire says…

Israel appears to gearing-up for its annual summer cull of Palestinians, or “poking the hornet’s nest” as one IDF insider called it.

As 21WIRE reported late last week, a series of staged media-driven provocations by Israeli agents against Palestinians have started a chain reaction which appears to leading towards a conflict climax – one which the Israeli political machine will certain blame on the natives.

More Israeli agent provocateurs are appearing every day to stir up angry Palestinian mobs. In a classic Hegelian (problem, reaction, solution) fashion, Israel’s heavy-handed police actions against demonstrators at the al Aqsa Mosque holy site in Jerusalem – was certain to trigger native unrest – and like clockwork, Israel forces has resumed military actions in Gaza yesterday.

Last summer’s “heroic” Operation Protective Edge took the lives of some 2,300 Palestinians, mostly civilians including many women and children, along with 11,000 wounded and over 18,000 Palestinian home flattened by Israel’s power military.

Another brilliant distraction…


5 Gazans wounded in Israeli retaliatory airstrike


At least five people have been wounded after Israel carried out retaliatory airstrikes against Hamas’ “terrorist infrastructure” in the Gaza strip, holding the group in charge of the enclave responsible for an attack on Israel.

Preview “A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel,” the Israeli army said in a statement. “No injuries were reported.”

While the IDF confirmed that Islamists fired one rocket, the Times of Israel reported that three rockets were fired with one charge landing in the open north of Kibbutz Kissufim and two other projectiles falling short of the Israeli border.

In response to the incoming fire, the Israeli air force targeted a portion of Hamas’ “terror infrastructure” in the central Gaza Strip. “A direct hit was confirmed,” Israel’s military said, claiming to have hit a training facility belonging to the extremist wing of Hamas.

One Palestinian was seriously injured in the retaliatory strike, with four security staffers wounded, a Palestinian medical officials told Reuters. Those wounded were rushed to Al Aqsa Hospital in Dir al-Balah, in central Gaza.

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A new extremist cell – The Grandsons of the Companions of the Prophet – claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. The attack was “the first response by Salafist jihadists to Jewish attacks against Al-Aqsa”, the new group said, according to Reuters.

But Israel was quick to blame Hamas. Tel Aviv also added that strikes followed numerous rocket launches from the Gaza Strip at Israel since the beginning of August.

“Hamas must fulfill its responsibilities or face the consequences,” Peter Lerner, Israeli army spokesperson said in a statement. “Multiple rockets have been fired towards southern Israel, most falling short in the Gaza Strip. Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live normal lives but instead terrorists choose to use the Gaza Strip as a launch pad for rocket attacks.”

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