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What Sanctions? US Receives Two RD-181 Rocket Engines From Russia, Part of New $1bn Contract

21st Century Wire says…

After the mysterious downing of Flight MH17 last summer in 2014, the US and the EU quickly called for international sanctions against Russia.

So the EU went all in, lock, stock and barrel. We were told that the EU sanctions announced in on 12 September 2014 were to target Russia’s state finances, energy and arms sectors. “We are going to punish Russia for its role in the region.” A lot of tough talk for sure, but it soon backfired, as Eurocrats were suckered into Victoria Nuland’s bizarre geopolitical odyssey. The EU have been suffering economically ever since after Russia reciprocated with its own bans on EU imports.


McCain: Angry.

Curiously, Washington’s own policy on Russian sanctions always seemed to be a little bit foggy, to say the least. Now we can see why.

Was it all just diplomatic theatre, or is Washington’s Ukrainian house of cards beginning to collapse? Either way, we can see another bait and switch scam by Washington’s elite Mandarins – bullying Europe into an economic hole, while the US carries on with business as usual.

Bottom line: US needs Russian technology to achieve their own goals in space, and even war hawks like John McCain cannot do a thing about that

US and Russian Presidents meet prior G20 Summit in Los Cabos


Russia has delivered two RD-181 engines to the US Orbital Sciences Corporation for its Antares rocket under a $1bn contract, signed despite several rounds of Western-imposed sanctions and hot debates in Congress over US dependency on Russia for national security space launches.

“On July 16 the first two engines were delivered to the US,” Russian rocket producer Energiya (NPO Energomash) said in a press release on Tuesday, RIA reported.

Energia which has been conducting activities in the rocket-space industry since 1946 did not mention when the next batch of RD-181 will be delivered to its American partners. Under a $1 billion contract with Orbital Sciences Corporation, signed in January, the Russian manufacturer is to eventually deliver 60 RD-181engines for the Antares rockets.

Orbital expects that the first deliveries of the newly built RD-181 engines will be ready to use for next Antares flight in early 2016.

Under the new RD-181 contract Russian crews will also conduct flight training with their American counterparts. The Russians will also be engaged in the installation of the engine on the rocket and engine tests. The RD-181 engine was developed specifically for Antares and it allows more cargo to be brought up to the International Space Station…

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