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RUSSIA: 2000 Year Old Skeleton With Coned Skull Discovered

21st Century Wire says…

NOTE: This will probably, somehow, be blamed on Putin.

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The discovery of a 2000 year old woman’s skeleton at Chelyabinsk, Russia is said to have puzzled archaeologists.

The skeleton was found at the 4000 year old Arkaim settlement, which is often referred to as Russia’s Stonehenge as it was also a site used to observe the stars.

However, Arkaim is believed to be more technologically advanced than the British site and also occupies a far more advantageous spot for star gazing.

A thought-provoking discovery. (Photo Credit: CEN)

While speculation has quickly led to claims that this is an alien body, archaeologists believe it is instead a human that underwent a tradition of head-binding.

Current head of the Arkaim site said that ‘her skull was elongated because the tribe did so by tying up the heads of their children with rope. It was clearly a tradition in the tribe.’

The problem is, that archaeologists have absolutely no idea why the tradition ever came to be.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Photo Credit: CEN)

Ancient Alien theorists believe it to be an attempt to imitate the look of extraterrestrial visitors, who may have visited Earth thousands of years ago.

The discovery of the skeleton comes amid a myriad of other discoveries, the most interesting of which point to an alien mothership being found in a NASA photo, evidence of alien-seeding taking place on Earth and the growing potential for life on Mars.

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‘Alien in Chelyabinsk’: 2,000-yo skeleton with cone head dug up at Russian Stonehenge


Archeologists are puzzled over the ancient remains of a woman discovered on a site near Chelyabinsk, a Russian city to the east of the Ural Mountains. The approximately 2,000 year old skeleton boasts an oddly shaped skull.

The “conehead” skeleton of a woman from the Sarmati tribe, unearthed at the archaeological site of Arkaim, a 4000-year-old settlement, has totally thrilled UFO hunters who have taken it as solid proof that aliens have visited Earth.

Photos and videos of the dig may indeed remind one of the aggressive, dangerous extraterrestrial creature from the 1979 sci-fi movie, Alien, directed by Ridley Scott.

However, archeologists say this idea is off the table, attributing the skull’s unusual shape to traditional head bonding…

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