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HUGE: Did Tsipras Asked Putin For $10B To Print DRACHMAS?

21st Century Wire says…

A move like this would get the Western creditors moving faster than lightning.

Watch a video of this report here:

Greek newspaper To Vima reported today that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras allegedly asked Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for $10 billion to print a new run of Drachma to leave the Euro.

Similar requests were also apparently sent to both Tehran and Beijing, and with the rise of the BRICS and their new development bank its not hard to see why Greece would seek their help. Tehran should also now begin to move into a global leadership position with its new nuclear deal, despite the anger of some leaders.

Will the Drachma make a comeback? (Photo Credit: Robert Crc)

Apparently Tsipras has been considering a move back to the Drachma since Syriza came to power at the beginning of the year. Greece has already shown support for Putin and Russia, siding with them on the Ukrainian crisis and hinting that the country will form more similar coalitions to solve its problems.

It has also just been suggested by political commentators that the Greeks should consider similar moves to force the West to help them in a meaningful way, or face being upstaged by nations that Western leaders truly despise.

Will Putin come to Greece’s aid? (Photo Credit: Russian Presidential Office)

Moscow has denied that such a request was ever received and that no such deal was ever on the table. Tsipras will also have to deny the event. This does not, however, mean it did not happen.

That is just politics.

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Alleged Greek $10bn plea to Putin for printing drachma not true – Kremlin


The Kremlin has denied Greek newspaper reports that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had asked President Putin for $10 billion to print drachma. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Russia has never been asked for aid.

The Greekreporter website cites a report in To Vima newspaper that claims Tsipras vainly sent similar requests to Tehran and Beijing, while Russia vaguely mentioned a $5 billion advance for the Turkish Stream pipeline project through Greece, according to the source.

Russia was quick to react, with Peskov saying Wednesday that Greece hasn’t approached Russia for money and that has been confirmed at different levels

Continue reading the full story on RT

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