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CONFLICT OF INTEREST: US Company Building Gas Terminal in Ukraine

21st Century Wire says…

This wouldn’t be the first time a huge conflict of interest has emerged from the Western-instigated crisis in Ukraine.
In an attempt to find an alternative to Russian gas supplies, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk has announced that American company Frontera Resources Corporation will be working in the country to build a liquefied natural gas terminal.

The company believes it has prospective resoures of 365 billion cubic meters of gas, with 266 billion cubic meters of recoverable resources.

Ukraine stopped buying gas from Russia on July 1st, and Kiev believes Western financial institutions, such as the IMF, may provide the country with $1 billion to purchase natural gas. However, with the worsening crisis in Greece they would not be wise to bet on such help being guaranteed.

Oligarchical chaos. (Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura)

The crisis in Ukraine has been associated with neo-nazi fascists taking control of the government with Washington being the primary instigator of the ordeal. As such, the involvement of American companies in the country raises more than a few eyebrows. Just last year, the son of American Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, was placed onto the board of a major Ukrainian gas company.

These sought of insider dealings and oligarchical antics should be a major cause for alarm to believers in liberal-democratic values and the rule of law.

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US firm to construct liquefied gas terminal in Ukraine – Yatsenyuk

America’s Frontera Resources Corporation along with Naftogaz will build a liquefied natural (LNG) gas terminal in Ukraine, according to Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk. The announcement comes as Kiev is actively looking for alternatives to Russian gas.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine signed a memorandum with Frontera. The American company will start the construction of a LNG-terminal and supply natural gas to Ukraine through it”, Yatsenyuk told Ukraine’s Parliament on Friday, according to RIA Novosti.

Frontera will work on the possibility of bringing LNG to Ukraine from its ongoing gas exploration projects in Georgia, the company said in a statement published on Wednesday. Frontera said its combined prospective resources stood at 365 billion cubic meters of gas, with 266 billion cubic meters of recoverable prospective natural gas resources…

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