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PSY OP: Smiling Syrian Rebels Support CAITLYN JENNER

21st Century Wire says…

The attempted programming of the minds of American citizens just hit stratospheric levels of stupidity.

Watch a video of this report here:

In what can only be seen as an attempt to poison the minds of the American public, a strange image has emerged from the North-Western Syrian town of Kafranbel.

The image depicts a group of men holding a sign written in perfect English with the following statement:

Caitlyn! We would write Kafranbel with a ‘C’, if it meant like you, we would be free. Maybe liberated Cafranbel?

It is then signed underneath with:

The Syrian Revolution – From Kafranbel 6 June 2015

Completely ridiculous. (Photo)

Quite literally nobody calls what is going on Syria a ‘revolution’ anymore, as it is widely understood that there are no moderate rebels left, if there ever were any to begin with, and ISIS is all that remains. Many Syrians have reported preferring life under Assad than under any of the rebel groups that have sprung up. Even top U.S. Generals now admit that the West has been assisting radical Islamists all along.

We might understand this to be a last-ditch effort from an intelligence agency, many of which are widely reported to be involved with the Syrian conflict, to influence policy makers at home in the West. American Senator McCain has been fighting to arm the terrorist army of ‘rebels’ for years now, and a move like this could be used to drum up support for these allegedly oppressed ‘moderates’ and ‘freedom fighters’.

The reality of the ‘moderate rebels’. (Photo)

This image of freedom loving ‘moderates’ could not be further from reality, and some may go as far to say it is a downright fraud. Rebels in Syria, now better known as ISIS, have sought to ban Western music and clothing, destroyed and threatened ancient historical sites, and, executed countless numbers of people.

Think carefully about who really benefits from this story, it definitely is not Caitlyn Jenner.

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Syrian rebels pledge support to Caitlyn Jenner, saying they want to be ‘free’ too

The Independent

Caitlyn Jenner‘s been praised for her frankness when discussing her transition.

But she’s won fans from unexpected quarters, too.

The town of Kafranbel, in north-west Syria, has put their support behind the former athlete, saying that they too would like to be “free”.

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