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Real or Hoax? Mysterious Crop Circles Found In Southern Russia

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21st Century Wire

Is this the work of aliens or intelligent pranksters?

Watch a video of this report here:

A farmer in Southern Russia discovered six crop circle formations in his wheat fields between 7-13 meters in diameter.

Four smaller circles each have a perfectly shaped island in their center, while the two bigger circles contain a half-meter deep hole pierced in the middle.

What, or who, pulled this off? (Photo)

Farmer Sergey Anisimov Russia’s southern Republic of Adygea in the told a local news outlet that “none of my security guys saw who could have done it, and how, so there is no one to give credit to”. He added that “even around 22:00 the day before yesterday, nothing was there. They were up the following morning.”

This is apparently the fourth time locals have seen crop circles in the region, some of whom attribute them to the work of alien lifeforms.

Intriguing. (Photo)

In a similar incident in the Australian town of Tully, a farmer once reported seeing a huge, bright light in the sky at night then awaking to find huge circles in freshwater lagoons.

While these are not the most sophisticated formations that have ever appeared, they still spark age old questions.

Will the West find some way to blame this on Putin? Probably.

Is anybody else out there, and are they trying to tell us something?

Aliens or pranksters? You decide…

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