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Patriot Act Spying Provisions Expire: NUCLEAR 9/11 Incoming?

1-Stuart J HooperStuart J. Hooper
21st Century Wire

Has the era of The War On Terror finally come to a close, or is it just getting started?

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Key provisions of the Patriot Act allowing for government surveillance programs have expired after the U.S. Senate failed to vote upon an extension.

Section 215 of the Patriot Act previously allowed for the bulk data collection, including phone records of Americans who were not even under investigation. RT reports that it was also ‘used to track financial data and to obtain companies’ internet business records’.

The so-called ‘lone wolf’ provision, allowing the targeting of those thought to be terrorists but not associated with a group, and the ‘roving wiretap’ provision, allowing the monitoring of a person irrespective of the devices used by them, also both expired.

McCain and Coats (Photo)

Those against the the spying programs see this as a major victory, but hardliners see this a blow to America’s national security.

RT reports that Republican Senator Dan Coats (R-Indiana) ‘claimed the terrorists were just waiting for a nuclear 9/11‘, and John McCain (R-Arizona) said ‘we’re losing everywhere‘. 

Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), responsible for blocking the extension of the provisions, said “some people are secretly hoping for an attack, so they could blame it on me“.

rand paul
Rand Paul (Photo)

With so many questions surrounding the original 9/11 attacks, it is incredibly worrying to have Senators almost anxiously waiting for a ‘nuclear 9/11’. Earlier this year it was revealed that the CIA was involved in planting false nuclear documents and materials in Iranian nuclear sites, so who is to say an agency would not stage an attack to maintain and expand their dwindling powers?

A former U.S. intelligence officer just said most terrorist attacks are indeed false flag events to facilitate expansion of both powers and funding.

A false flag would only benefit the military industrial complex, who are now concerning themselves with finding a president capable of pursuing a ‘strong foreign policy’. A ‘nuclear 9/11’ would almost certainly guarantee the pursuit of such a foreign policy, along with disastrous consequences for the future of humanity.

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Goodbye Section 215: Patriot Act key surveillance provisions expire


Controversial provisions of the Patriot Act authorizing government surveillance programs have expired after the Senate failed to vote for an extension.

The Senate will reconvene to consider the USA Freedom Act on Monday afternoon.

Lawmakers have debated the possibility of extending the authority of Section 215, that authorizes bulk data collection, and other provisions in the extraordinary Sunday afternoon session. The debate started at 4:00 pm local time, eight hours before the expiration deadline…

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