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Ukraine Doubles Its Gas Imports from Russia – While European Supplies Shrink

21st Century Wire says…

Back in October and December of 2014, 21WIRE told it readers about how Russia had eventually snookered the EU and Washington regarding its gas deliveries to the Ukraine.

“Russian gas was delivered. In light of this, one must question how the State Department’s neocon embed, Victoria Nuland (photo, above), the chief architect of the Maidan coup d’état can still be collecting a paycheck as US ‘Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs’.

Smart readers will know that this was Washington’s endgame when it used its color mobs and Nazi street soldiers to overthrow the elected government in Kiev back in February 2014.

Meanwhile, the propaganda war is well underway, with the US claiming it can replace Russian gas in Europe by exporting its natural gas in the form of LNG (liquid gas). The most sensational aspect of this campaign is that US LNG can somehow undercut Russian pipelines. To achieve this, the US LNG industry would either need to subsidized (by the US taxpayer), or some other trickery, or creative accounting would need to happen – possibly through the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank of the United States.

OilPrice.com adds, “Even if the US moves to heed Central Europe’s pleas, natural gas in the form of LNG would not reach European shores before 2016, but the message to Russia would nonetheless be a strong one.”

Much to the chagrin of Washington’s destablization team, the demand for Russia gas is increasing, not decreasing…

VLAD’S GOT THE GAS: Washington’s having trouble cutting Russia out of the European gas market.


Reverse gas supplies from Europe to Ukraine halved in May after Hungary and Poland suspended deliveries, said Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller.

Ukraine’s demand for Russian gas has nearly doubled since May 1, Miller said as quoted by TASS. Russian gas supply to Ukraine was less than 9.2 million cubic meters on April 30, rising to 19.7 million cubic meters on May 1-2.

On Tuesday Gazprom confirmed receiving $40 million from Ukraine’s Naftogaz as advance payment for May gas supplies.

On May 1 gas supplies from Poland to Ukraine via the Germanovichi station stopped. Daily April supplies to Ukraine via the same station amounted to about 12 million cubic meters of gas, according to the Polish company GAZ-SYSTEM SA, cited by RBC.

Earlier, Hungary’s pipeline operator FGSZ announced that it had halted gas supplies to Ukraine.

Ukraine has reduced its daily volume of gas imports from Slovakia to 21.5 million cubic meters from April’s average of 38 million cubic meters, a drop of 43 percent, RBC reported, citing Slovak gas transmission company Eustream.

On April 15 the Ukrainian government agreed on gas consumption of 40 billion cubic meters in 2015. Imports would make up 25 billion cubic meters of that, 33.5 percent more than in 2014, the Energy Ministry said. At the same time the Cabinet ordered Naftogaz to ensure that no one source provided more than 50 percent of total supply.

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