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ISIS, Feminists and Thugs: Dupes of the Foundations & Think Tanks

1-Jay-Dyer-2Jay Dyer
21st Century Wire

Men have been manipulated for millennia by the governing class through the technique of fear, through internal and external threats. 

While it is true that in tribal societies the external (and sometimes internal) threat was very real, the extent of the plebian mind remained in the dialectic of “we good, they bad.”  Today man is no different, but what is different is that the halls and levers of power are less visible than in ancient civilizations.

Indeed, the average American in our day can watch Game of Thrones where political elites manipulate their underlings and one another on a daily basis, yet remain ever unable to translate this into the real world.

Animal Farm goes global.

2015: Animal Farm goes global.

Some years back, I wrote a piece on engineered revolution, where I explain how the philosophy of revolution is a faith-based system – a technology for destabilization and transformation. At the time of the “Arab Spring” and concomitant “color revolutions,” I wrote:

“Destabilization of regions is a classic tactic of political intrigue, yet most people think the color revolutions and “Arab Springs” are real.  Not only are they not real (although there are real discontents among the populace), the “springs” are revolutions that are engineered, with the recent trend including the implementation of social media in fostering fake revolutions.  These revolutions are engineered by front groups for the purpose of controlling Eurasia. This was the geo-political stratagem of the West which was announced years ago, and Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke of the necessity of controlling Eurasia to control the world for the American Empire. Destabilization is the neo-conservative approach to this area, however, and if we recall last year, Henry Kissinger noted that we would see a series of acts of destabilizations in the Middle Eastern nations that were, in a large part, given impetus by color revolutions.”

Since then, we’ve seen the takedown of Libya, U.S./NATO proxy war advances on Ukraine and the establishment of a State Department-funded government in Kyiv [Kiev], U.S./Saudi bombing in Yemen, attempts at war with Assad in Syria, as well as numerous other attempts as regime change and revolution in South America and Asia under the ubiquitous guise of “democracy” and “human rights.”

The second and third acts of Henry Kissinger’s play are in full effect, and while these foreign policy ventures may seem immaterial to the domestically-hyped terror events and the coming “summer of race riots” in the U.S., they are intimately connected.

As I wrote at the time of the staged Ferguson debacle, the “humanitarian” auspices of the revolution-funding foreign policy is the same tactic and technique of the domestic “democratic” agents of change.  What comes in any regime that falls to the Atlanticist banking empire is the same disorder at home: McDonald’s, GMOs, mandated vaccines, feminism, abortion, and all the other great American freedoms.

The British Ministry of Defense projected all of this and more in 2007 drew up in one of their key futurist white papers. Citing The Guardian, I explained:

“Those of us in alternative media who actually know what planet we’re on have been pointing to documents like the 2007 British Ministry of Defense’s projection of civil unrest, flash mobs and technological slavery for several years now.  The report was detailed in the Guardian as follows:  “Information chips implanted in the brain. Electromagnetic pulse weapons. The middle classes becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx’s proletariat. The population of countries in the Middle East increasing by 132%, while Europe’s drops as fertility falls. “Flashmobs” – groups rapidly mobilized by criminal gangs or terrorists groups.”

The brains behind the new world order, creating the scripts the manipulated populace acts upon.

The Marxist/socialist rhetoric which I’ve detailed many times over, is merely one leg of the same establishment’s body, with the right leg constituting its dialectical cousin.  That our modern western elite are all revolutionaries and classically liberal is the single most impossible concept for men in our day to grasp.  With the toppling of almost all monarchies in the last two centuries, the technique of liberalism is what has risen to surface of the toilet water, sucking the masses into its circular swirl.  In other words, liberalism is a technique of oligarchical control through monopoly and finance capital.

Modern liberalism is the direct descendant of classical Enlightenment liberalism, only now it has shed its formerly open liberal principles for its tyrannical true underbelly. By this, I do not mean to contend that the so-called “right” are any kind of antidote or real opposition.  The faux right in our day in the West are controlled by Neo-conservative ideology with its Trotskyite origins and Rand Corporation luminaries. Apart from differing over a Brzezinski-style proxy war, or a hawkish Neo-Con Tom Cotton/John McCain nuke policy, these faux enemies are completely aligned to promote the same strategies of the foundations, think tanks and National Security Council.

It is precisely to these foundations, think tanks and committees that we must look to understand the actual shadow government, and its control of the military-industrial SOCOM/NORTHCOM/USECOM, etc – for the implementation of its endgame. Above these foundations and think tanks are the international finance and banking houses that own the controlling shares in the federal reserve banks and Fortune 100. This is the real shadow government, the real power in our world, and if you ever wonder why the globalist march continues on unfettered, it’s because the populace presumes Obama and company are ruling the roost. Rather, the open geopolitical strategies of these foundations and think tanks is to engineer society into a new era of technocratic global order.

Having written probably a hundred articles on the technocracy, I won’t repeat old news, but for understanding the usage of “democratic humanitarianism,” I want to highlight that the same principles of Marxist/socialist social engineering utilized in foreign policy by the western banking elite are the same principles used at home in the race rioting thug mobs in Ferguson and now Baltimore.  The tactics of stirring up the mob against local business owners and police was a classic tactic of the Jacobins in France, utilizing ignorant and naïve youths for (at that time) foreign powers.  The technique of internal social disorder was discovered to be far more effective as a long-term strategy of eroding a rival than an outright attack.

Likewise, with Ferguson and now Baltimore, we see the exact same pattern of the repackaging of foundation-controlled and created “revolution” through “agents of change” with the aid of local intelligence agencies and provocateurs.  This is how there is a commonality between the approach of invented entities such as ISIS, and the displaced and disenchanted black youth of Ferguson and Baltimore, wherein a selected minority group is targeted with specific psychological warfare that appeals to tribal instincts.

This week’s dupe, long watched by the FBI, Garland accused shooter, Eldon Simpson.

In the case of black youth, the Occupy-style thug culture of hip hop and rap easily combines with the radical Jihadism of intelligence agency creations like ISIS. Both groups share a similar sense of being oppressed minorities, and both are utilized as foolish dupes of the same western establishment, dancing according to the whims of their foundation puppeteer masters.  In case you were wondering, this is how the foundations and think tanks provoke minority groups with similar, but rebranded ideologies of invented revolution, particularly through the mainstream (and alternative) news cycle’s scientifically precise emotionally manipulative stories that are intentionally chosen, crafted, cropped and created for the foundation/think tank revolutionary agenda.

This same technique is now being used for gender as a whole, as feminism, “women’s rights,” “gender rights,” equality, etc., now make up a large portion of the total news feed.  Increasingly taking on a click-bait style, the endless gender oppression articles are another technology for social reengineering under the guise of appealing to the female populace.  Females are undeniably more susceptible to emotional appeals and advertising deception, the same marketing styles of ad campaigns for endless hygiene products now mirrors the mindless, gender-based “stories” of oppressed trans teens and eternally victimized and “oppressed” western women (who have the highest living standards in the world). While western women conduct their war on the patriarchal power by sharing these retarded stories on their iPads, they are just as much the dupes of the same foundation/think tank techniques as the low IQ ISIS “recruits” and the ghetto mobs [all are victims of ‘group-think’].

On the other side of the dialectic are the equally duped “right wingers” who still champion the Bush Dynasty and so-called American “freedoms,” the great envy of all the world that must be protected at all costs from an absolutely impossible, fabricated foreign invasion by ISIS.  Constituting the new boogey-man in the patriot/tea party mythos, the invasion of the western intelligence created and backed “ISIS” is the phony “bad man” parallels the phony “bad man” of the thugs (the 1%, which is actually anyone middle class), and the “bad man” of the narcissistic American female, the patriarchy.  All of these “bad men” are invented bad men, manufactured and created by the foundations and think tanks to manipulate your specific population niche.  The establishment has recruited and used dumb, low IQ, prison-convert, Muslim mind-controlled bots for decades, just as the system has used dumb, low IQ females as poster children for “gender revolution.” Already questions are being raised over yesterday’s Garland, Texas shooting, with ISIS purportedly claiming responsibility.

Dupes and patsies of yesteryear.

Are you a downtrodden thug looking for bling?  Fight the man – your local business owner! Are you a narcissistic, single, 20-something female college grad?  Fight the millennia of patriarchy that has kept you down by aborting your offspring!  Are you a tea party “patriot” who loves America and freedom? Fight the ISIS invasion force that is in all 50 states – crossing the Mexican border! All of these so-called enemies are completely invented, and the majority of the dumbed-down American population, both left and right, are dancing to the foundation tune. The goal of all this is quite simple, too – to divide, disintegrate, atomize and deconstruct the existing order as a whole.

The foundations and think tanks have a stated, focused hundred-year old goal of gradual erosion of all that has been, and its replacement with a completely integrated global federation.

This incremental implementation of various “social revolutions” and mob attacks requires the system’s own response, as I wrote previously citing William Grigg:

“In other words, the system’s plan is to fund more bogus Marxism, socialism and phony equalism to cause unrest so the system can offer the solution of increased bureaucracy and technological slavery.  Order out of chaos is always the game plan and it never changes.  You can always look at the establishment’s modus operandi and accurately predict what will come because the plays never change.  And the plays never change because fallen human nature prefers to feed its animal side to its rational side.”

Your Pleasure-Dome Police State loves you!

Similar to the MOD plan from 2007, the Rand Corporation has also outlined strategies of tension and controlled chaos with the intent of fomenting justifications for increased technocratic and militaristic operations through local law enforcement, known as a Stability Police Force. The SPF would operate through local Marshals to handle riot situations, disasters, etc., and it becomes obvious that such planning needs a reason for its funding. Grigg explained for Lew Rockwell in 2009:

“The RAND study, which was conducted for the U.S. Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, recommended using the Marshals Service rather than the US Army’s Military Police as host for the SPFOR in order to avoid conflicts with the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids (albeit in principle more than in practice) the domestic use of the military as a law enforcement body.”

“The USMS hybrid option … provides an important nondeployed mission for the force: augmenting state and local agencies, many of which currently suffer from severe personnel shortages,” states the report without explaining how the SPFOR could at once “augment” those under-manned agencies while at the same time being “augmented” by them if necessary.”

The “solution” to race riots and engineered social disorder is the boot of the paramilitary police state.  The much-discussed furor of the ‘Jade Helm’ operation is not about some imminent martial law takeover, it’s about preparations for the very scenarios the system wants.  As summer 2015 comes, we can expect more engineered race riots, with Justice Department aid (under foundation direction), to be met with a simpering population’s cry for “more safety, more security!” from the paramilitary federalized local police force.

Gene Sharp: one of the godfathers of modern radicalism and ‘change agents’:

As even mainstream media has reported, George Soros put 33 million dollars into Ferguson, as well as a hefty sum of cash into overthrowing Ukraine, which is a perfect illustration of my point.  The same foreign policy goals of the Open SocietyFreedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy and “minority rights” is the same technique of domestic social engineering through large-scale events like Ferguson, Baltimore and identity politics of race and gender.

The irony is that all of this is designed for minority destruction, and just as the Jacobins in France all met bloody deaths, so will the fools of our day be the cause of their own demise.

“Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” – Proverbs 26:27

21WIRE contributor and author Jay Dyer is commentator on media, art, philosophy and culture. This article and many others, along with Jay’s podcast archive can be found on his blog Jay’s Analysis.

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