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Bitcoin’s Candidate: Rand Paul Accepting Crypto-Currency Contributions for Presidential Run

21st Century Wire says…

Crypto-candidate Rand Paul is set to rake-in a mountain of Bitcoins with this latest announcement.

More importantly however, is the fact that Bitcoins can be donated anonymously, which takes the political tracking mechanism away from anyone who wants to know from what person or interest group that money has originated from.

If a foreign entity, or a George Soros-like character is able to pump millions in Bitcoins into the Paul campaign – causing ‘public outrage’ in the classic Hegelian dialectic fashion – then such a politically-charged scenario might – ironically – be used to demonize the concept of an independent Bitcoin.

Sputnik News

Rand Paul has announced he is accepting Bitcoin contributions to his presidential campaign becoming the first presidential candidate in American history to do so.

Visitors to his website can contribute up to $100 in the crypto currency.

The Republican libertarian’s move coincides with his attempt to portray himself as a staunch critic of excessive government surveillance and a champion of Internet freedom. For his campaign, he’s seeking support from “younger, technology adept voters,” especially those leading innovation in Silicon Valley.

His connection to Bitcoin also places him in line with his father Ron Paul, who is known for aggressively suggesting the United States return to a gold standard and criticizing the Federal Reserve.

Although some congressional and state candidates began accepting Bitcoin donations last year, Paul is the highest-profile candidate to align himself with this type of currency. 

Some analysts have expressed concern that bitcoin will simply add another challenge when it comes to transparency in campaign funding but Paul is not likely to be the only 2016 candidate who accepts the online currency.

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