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Did US CENTCOM Feed Saudis Target Info to Bomb Russian Consulate in Yemen?

21st Century Wire says…

Washington war planners are up to their old tricks again, this time in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia’s gallant airstrikes against mostly civilian and infrastructure targets (not rebels, as advertised) have also struck the Russian Consulate General in the southwestern Yemeni city of Aden.

When Saudi Arabia launched its unprovoked war against Yemen on the week of March 23rd, the US proudly announced that their hands were clean because they were only providing ‘satellite’ information, military intelligence which included targeting information to the Saudi air force. It’s fairly obvious then, that the target information for the Russian embassy was fed to the Saudis by the US CENTCOM.

Not surprisingly, just as the Saudis hit and mostly destroyed the Russian consulate yesterday the US then issued a swift U-turn on that previous statement, suddenly claiming, “We’re not providing them with targeting information.”

So it seems that the Saudis were duped by Washington. No surprise there, as Riyadh is still fairly new to this US-proxy air force arrangement.

Even when Washington is caught red-handed, they will still attempt to rewrite their previous statements to cover their obvious crimes.

More from Global Research…

Stephen Lendman
Global Research

During US-led NATO’s rape of Yugoslavia, China’s Belgrade embassy was willfully bombed. 

Claiming ‘by mistake’ didn’t wash. The Pentagon included China’s embassy on its target list.

Yemen is Obama’s war. Saudis and other regional states involved are US proxies. Months of planning preceded air and naval strikes. Yemeni targets were carefully chosen – among them Russia’s Aden consulate. Maybe its Sanaa embassy is next.

1-Russia-Consulate-YemenBombing its Aden consulate is part of Washington’s increasing confrontation with Moscow – a reckless agenda including vicious propaganda, US Ukraine policy, its growing Eastern European military footprint and saber rattling exercises close to Russia’s borders.

On April 2, Sputnik News reported Saudi air strikes damaged Russia’s Aden consulate.

A source cited said “(t)here is not a single window left.” All Russian citizens may be evacuated from the city.

Since conflict began last week, other countries and UN authorities evacuated their citizens and staff from Yemen.

Remaining risks death or injury. Sputnik reported Saudi authorities denied a Russian plane sent to evacuate its nationals from Yemen permission to land in Sanaa. It was forced to divert to Cairo. It’s awaiting clearance to complete its mission.

Lebanon’s Mayadeen news channel earlier reported Russia got permission to evacuate its citizens. No official confirmation followed. Sanaa’s international airport director, Khaled al-Shayef, said the aircraft’s “crew made contact with (Saudi-led) forces while flying over the Red Sea.”

They “refused to allow the landing and the plane had to fly to Cairo.” Tass reported Russia’s aircraft was denied landing permission “despite a preliminary reached agreement.”

According to Russia’s daily Kommersan, evacuation was delayed until Thursday. A chartered aircraft accompanied by two others is expected to arrive in Sanaa later today – unless again blocked.

Plans are to evacuate Russian nationals and citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Saudi-led airstrikes continue. UNICEF said over five dozen Yemeni children were killed so far – many others injured. Civilian neighborhoods, hospitals, schools and basic infrastructure are being deliberately targeted.

UNICEF reported heavy damage to healthcare and education facilities. Terror-bombing leaves children traumatized.

An increasing humanitarian crisis includes food insecurity, severe malnutrition, growing displacement and lack of medicines, supplies and equipment to treat the injured. UNICEF Yemen representative Julien Harneis said “children are in desperate need of protection.”

Since March 25 Saudi-led terror bombing began, scores of civilians were killed, hundreds injured.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein expressed alarm over a growing humanitarian crisis, saying:

“The situation in Yemen is extremely alarming, with dozens of civilians killed over the past four days. The country seems to be on the verge of total collapse.”

ICRC spokeswoman Sitara Jabeen said Saudi-led forces are hampering delivery of vital medical supplies.

“The thing is that we have to restock our supplies in Yemen with more supplies,” she said.

“If we do not manage to bring these supplies, we would not be able to cope with the situation and the (wounded) would be without treatment.”

“We have been negotiating, but we still haven’t gotten permission” to deliver aid.

Overnight Wednesday, Saudi-led terror bombing targeted a Hodeida dairy/juicing facility. Reports indicate at least 37 killed, another 80 injured.

Preparations for a Saudi-Egyptian-led ground invasion remain underway – with full US support and encouragement. Mass slaughter may follow. Millions of Yemenis are at risk. US regional policy is ravaging and destroying another country.

previous article quoted a Yemeni national’s call for help – by email to this writer. It was deeply moving…

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