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Fear and Loathing in Washington, Death and Destruction in Ukraine

21st Century Wire says…

Generally speaking, Americans do not care why, how, or where Washington’s next war will take place, so long no bombs go off in North America, and so long as their so-called ‘adversary’ has been sufficiently demonized and Americans believe they are ‘in the right’. With each passing day, Washington’s made-up narrative in the Ukraine is becoming harder and harder to maintain, and thus, war hawks in Washington as getting ever more desperate to see some real sparks fly in order to justify their own hard-line stance.

This month, the US State Department has unveiled its latest ‘spokesperson’ (propaganda salesperson) Jeff Rathke, who had his hands full trying to explain away Washington’s rich, imaginary narrative of Russia as an ‘Evil Empire’. Rathke looked visibly uncomfortable while being grilled by both RT’s Gayane Chichakyan and AP’s Matt Lee – who were both asking why the US didn’t think that NATO’s recent military exercises in Estonia could be interpreted as threatening to Russia in the same way that Russia using Vietnamese air bases to refuel bomber aircraft was said by Washington to have “raised tensions with the West”.  Oh, the double standards never seem to end…

Meanwhile, on the orders of Washington DC and arch-neoconservative agent Victoria Nuland, Kiev’s Ukrainian Army are preparing to re-deploy its military forces into eastern Ukraine to try and break the Minsk-2 Peace Accords – and restart the assault on the Russian-speaking government opposition living there.

Yesterday, the war-hungry Republican-controlled US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution to send “lethal aid” (gun-running) sending weapons and other high-end military equipment to Ukraine to keep the civil war going, but also to try and provoke a reaction from Moscow. The resolution passed by a vote of 348 to 48.

Kiev will be using these US-supplied arms against its own people, but in this instance, Washington feels this is somehow ‘OK’. It’s a war crime by anyone’s definition.

For Washington and its media echo chamber, this may seem like one big geopolitical chess game, but for the people in the Ukraine – real lives have been lost, and more will follow if Washington continues to pressure Kiev to break the ceasefire…

NATO’s NAZIS: Washington want to arm the Ukraine’s NeoNazi soldiers on the front-line in Washington’s Proxy War against Russia.

Perverted Humanitarianism: The Neocon Case For Arming Ukraine

Letters From Globistan 

Despite the coordinated efforts of Russia, Germany, and France to deescalate the crisis in Ukraine, the United States has remained steadfast in its opposing policy objectives as it fans the flames of war in the name of humanitarianism and democracy.

Since the provision of “non-lethal aid” have failed to defeat the Novorussian rebels, American lawmakers such as John McCain have predictably worked themselves into a lather, contorting words and facts to justify their itch for openly arming Ukraine. Neocon policy wonks acted quickly in lockstep to spin the Ukraine debacle and contain public fallout, and in the process, established a convoluted narrative that polluted the meaning of the vaunted principles they claim to uphold.

The Elusive Nature Of An Alleged Invasion

In her statement to Congress on March 4, 2015, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland stopped beating around the bush and publicly accused Russia of invading Ukraine. However, other officials prefer to be coy with their terminology, opting for vague allegations instead. Pentagon spokesman Major James Bridle has described the crisis as a “serious military escalation” and a “blatant violation of international law”. In contrast, American UN Ambassador Samantha Power resisted the urge to specifically define the crisis, but has cautioned that continued Russian intervention “could be viewed as an invasion”.

Verbal gymnastics aside, the evidence provided for the alleged invasion so far have been less than compelling. Released satellite photos of Russian troops appear grainy, nondescript, and underwhelming, despite the mainstream media’s assertions to the contrary. In Munich, Ukrainian president and oligarch-in-chief Petro Poroshenko presented a handful of Russian passports as “damning” evidence to the international media. Less than impressed with the “bombshell revelations”, the Russian Foreign Ministry requested copies of the passports, which they have yet to receive. In another recent snafu, it was discovered that Senator Jim Inhofe’s “exclusive photographic evidence” of Russian military aggression had been recycled from the 2008 conflict in South Ossetia, Georgia. In an attempt to deflect the embarrassing oversight, Inhofe passed the buck and pointed the finger at the Ukrainian MPs, who in turn denied any wrongdoing or mischaracterization on their part.

Regrettably, tortured semantics and flimsy evidence won’t be enough to discredit the government hawks. Fortunately for the warmongers and desktop warriors in power, the absence of proof does not logically confirm the absence of guilt. Given the relative ease in selling the Iraq War to the American public, persuading the masses of Russia’s alleged invasion should be a piece of cake.

Screw Diplomacy! Why Might Is Right No Matter What Those Pantywaists Say

Now that the Neocons have successfully established the “fact” of Russian aggression, the next step is to justify lethal aid to Ukraine by repackaging it as a humanitarian mission. Wesley Clark, retired General of the US Army and NATO commander, penned a criminally dishonest column on USA Today exhorting the public to “remember Rwanda” and to “arm Ukraine”. The column correctly assumes the ignorance of the typical reader, neglecting to mention the true American role behind the Rwandan genocide and the destructive bombing of the former Yugoslavia. In a brazen example of rhetorical misdirection, Clark uses past war atrocities committed in RwandaSerbia, and Bosnia to advocate for the arming of Ukraine, reinforcing the toxic assumption that diplomacy can’t work without using military force:

“In the old days of the post-Cold War world, the U.S. learned the hard way that when we could make a difference, we should. InRwanda, we didn’t, and 800,000 died. In Bosnia, we tarried, and more than 100,000 died and 2 million were displaced before we acted. It’s time to take those lessons and now act in Ukraine.

“In the Balkans in 1991, we let the Europeans lead with diplomacy to halt Serb aggression disguised as ethnic conflict. Diplomacy failed. We supported the Europeans when they asked for United Nations peacekeepers, from Britain, France, Sweden and even Bangladesh. That also failed. Only when the U.S. took the lead and applied military power to reinforce diplomacy did we halt the conflict. And we did succeed in ending it with minimal expense and without losing a single soldier.” -Wesley Clark

Why did diplomacy fail? What was the cause of the conflict? When such obvious, underlying questions remain unanswered, it deceptively leads to the conclusion that America could have saved more lives if it weren’t for those pesky international laws and the naïve insistence on diplomacy. Salient details such as institutional hypocrisy, sabotage, and CIA involvement are conveniently edited out, casting America as the reluctant knight in shining armor for the world’s ungrateful victims…

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