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Top British Political Candidate Caught Trying To Stage Fake Far-Right EDL Demo

21st Century Wire says…

A perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic – create the problem, manage the reaction, and supply the solution.

If this is how a candidate would act to gain power, imagine what those already in power would do to retain it?

Find all the details of this disturbing story in the following video report by Stuart J. Hooper:


Exposed: Star Tory candidate plotted with race thugs to stage fake EDL demo in cynical bid to win votes

Daily Mail

A key Tory Election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes.

Afzal Amin hatched a scheme to persuade the English Defence League to announce an inflammatory march against a new £18million ‘mega-mosque’. But – as he revealed in secretly filmed footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday – the plan was that the demonstration would never actually go ahead.

And when the phoney rally was called off, the fiercely ambitious Amin, a Muslim, intended to take credit for defusing the situation – winning over voters, and police, in the marginal seat of Dudley North.

In return for going along with the scheme, the former Army captain promised the EDL members he would be their ‘unshakeable ally’ who would help bring their extreme views into the mainstream if he was elected to Parliament.

Amin also wanted EDL members to be paid to canvass on his behalf in Dudley – against election law.

But his devious plot was secretly filmed by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, who blew the whistle on Amin’s scheme because he objected to being used as a pawn in his bizarre power game…

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