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Turkey Wants To Ban Minecraft Game (but not ISIS)

21st Century Wire says…

There are some troubling issues with calls to ban this video game that extend beyond the realm of simple censorship.

Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry is looking to ban the insanely popular video game Minecraft because it encourages ‘children to act violently towards in-game enemies and animals’. A report also suggested that children playing the game might be at risk from “social isolation”.

How exactly would the Turkish Ministry like children to act towards enemies? Perhaps they should act like the Turkish government and do quite literally nothing against the enemies of modern civilization, namely, ‘The Islamic State’, or ISIS.

Let’s not forget that Eastern Turkey has been used by terrorists to ‘bait’ Syria into attacking them on Turkish territory. Moreover, three British schoolgirls recently made their way through Turkey to join ISIS in Syria.

Minecraft actually encourages people, not just children, to survive and build worlds together. Developer Mojang, purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion last year, has said “We encourage players to cooperate in order to succeed.”

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Turkey Wants To Ban Minecraft


Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry is seeking a ban on Minecraft.

The government agency has investigated the game after claims that it encouraged children to act violently towards in-game enemies and animals.

A report also warned that children who played the multiplayer online sandbox were at risk of “social isolation”.

Minecraft’s constructive elements were praised, but its label as a game for children meant that the ability to kill creatures means that the government felt it necessary to investigate.

“Minecraft is enjoyed by many players in a wide variety of ways,” a spokesperson for developer Mojang told GamesBeat

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