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Potentially Habitable SUPER-EARTH ‘Gliese 581d’ Discovered

21st Century Wire says…

The discoveries just keep on coming, and this one is particularly big.

Gliese 581d had previously been thought of as ‘stellar noise’, but a new study has said that this conclusion’s ‘residual data is inappropriate and promotes inadequate tools‘ for analysis.

The planet is the ‘first Earth-like planet discovered in the ‘Goldilocks’-zone around another star’, it has an atmosphere but its composition is unknown.

Recently, a new scientific equation came to light suggesting that the universe itself may be eternal, rendering the Big Bang Theory useless.

What else is out there waiting to be discovered? Surely, the possibilities are endless. 

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Not stellar noise: Potentially habitable super-Earth Gliese 581d exists, new study claims


Astronomy has had to go back on its word twice in a year now, as a super-Earth previously dismissed as stellar ‘noise’ did after all turn out to be a planet. A new study shows Gliese 581d had been the victim of bad analysis.

In 2009, as scientists searched for far-away planets that were in the habitable zone orbiting around their host stars, a spectrometer picked up 581d’s ‘wobble’ – which is a slight change in the wavelength of light caused by a celestial body passing by its star and changing the amount of light the star gives off.

The now-suspected planet and its siblings orbit a red dwarf named Gliese 581. Because the distance is some 20 light years from Earth, any determinations on the nature of things are always subject to heated debate among scientists.

Last year’s study dismissed the discovery as “noise”, or interference created by the star system itself. Two whole planets that were potentially habitable were dismissed by a study in the journal Science – 581d and 581g, which were discovered at different times orbiting their host star…

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