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ANCIENT LIFE: New Evidence Suggests ‘Foreign DNA’ Could Have Seeded Life on Earth

Fact Fiction Theory

21st Century Wire says…

These theories have seen a huge boost in popularity in recent years dues to the hit History Channel show Ancient Aliens. Now, scientists have found further evidence in support of such theories.

A group of researchers out of the University of Buckingham, UK, led by astrobiologist Milton Wainwright, discovered a metal sphere, composed of titanium and vanadium, about the same thickness as a human hair.

What could this tiny object tell us about our origins?

A  “gooey biological material oozing from its centre” is described by Wainwright, whose hypothesis is that “it was sent to Earth by some unknown civilization in order to continue seeding the planet with life”.

The originator of this theory, known as Directed Panspermia, is Nobel Prize Winner Francis Crick.

We want to you hear your comments on this one – If true, what does this mean for Humanity?

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UK Scientists: Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth


Lee Speigel
Huffington Post

Scientists in the U.K. have examined a tiny metal circular object, and are suggesting it might be a micro-organism deliberately sent by extraterrestrials to create life on Earth.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the object in the microscopic image above. It may appear to look like a planet-sized globe, but in fact, it’s no bigger than the width of a human hair.

The University of Buckingham reports that the minuscule metal globe was discovered by astrobiologist Milton Wainwright and a team of researchers who examined dust and minute matter gathered by a high-flying balloon in Earth’s stratosphere.

“It is a ball about the width of a human hair, which has filamentous life on the outside and a gooey biological material oozing from its centre,” Wainwright said, according to Express.co.uk.

“One theory is it was sent to Earth by some unknown civilization in order to continue seeding the planet with life,” Wainwright hypothesizes.

That theory comes from a Nobel Prize winner…

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