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WAR BASED ON LIES: Obama Requests to Congress ‘3-year Military Campaign’ to Fight ISIS

21st Century Wire says…

Obama’s war proposal to Congressional leaders and Pentagon officials opens the door for a much larger conflict in Syria – despite the ambiguous outline for its limitations…

This latest ‘3 year war proposal’ from US President Barack Obama (see details here) has come immediately after the apparent death of an American aid worker Kayla Jean Mueller, who US officials hadn’t publicly identified until this past week, something which should be regarded with suspicion – as well as the official stories of the other ‘hostages’ said to have been held in captivity by ISIS over the past six months.

We’ve been told that Mueller’s death and the executions of other ISIS-held hostages were a ‘driving force’ for an escalation in ground combat in Syria, but is it possible that there’s much more to this story than the mainstream media are reporting on?

This presidential ‘proposal’ brings up an important question: Why would US officials choose to withhold her identity from the public for so long, when they had no qualms about releasing the names of other people said to be held hostage by ISIS?

IMAGE: ‘A Pawn for War Profiteers?’ 26 year-old aid worker with Doctor’s Without Borders Kayla Jean Mueller ( Photo link usatoday.com)

Designing a War

After the blitzkrieg of mainstream media sensationalism (including outright lying in many cases) the government can secure enough ‘public opinion’ in their camp, then begins the process of rolling a bespoke designer war.

Even though US officials cannot determine if Mueller died by the hands of ISIS, or that Jordan’s retaliatory airstrikes for their pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh who was depicted as being “burned alive” in a sensational and heavily edited video production released by SITE Intelligence and ISIS’s ‘media arm’ (try not to laugh too hard here) – Mueller’s alleged ‘death’ (no body or evidence has been produced to date to back-up the ISIS ‘account’ of her demise) is clearly being used to push for a deeper military conflict in Syria.

Concerned citizens should be disturbed that US leadership would pursue a ‘questionable’ conflict without revealing their role in the growth of ISIS and other militant groups, as it is now common knowledge many of the rebels fighting with the FSA have also joined or have been linked to ISIS.

In a report in September, it was revealed that FSA rebels and ISIS militants signed a nonaggression pact prior to the beheading of British national David Haines – choosing instead to mobilize their efforts to overtake Assad’s government rather than attack each other.

Why haven’t US officials made this particular detail widely known to citizens in the West?

Additionally, why haven’t US officials fully acknowledged their role in supporting a nearly 4-year proxy war in Syria?

At 21WIRE, we’ve outlined many anomalies associated with the apparent deaths of other ISIS hostages, making note of the lack of forensic evidence and other elements of deliberate staging.

By our estimation, all of the alleged ISIS execution videos appear to depict elements of staging, with multiple camera angles and in some cases, very modern Hollywood-like editing, with all of the videos lacking any credible forensic proof of any death.

According to the NY Times, there appears to be an outline to expand or contract the proposed war campaign on ISIS:

But the contours of the debate to come were already clear on Wednesday. While some Republicans were concerned that Mr. Obama’s proposal was too constricting, setting the stage for an ineffectual effort, some Democrats quickly expressed concern that the measure would still give the president the power to go too far.”

One could very well see this as a convenient setup to blame Obama and not Republican leadership if the conflict gets out of control, just as Democrats blamed Bush for war theater in Iraq and Afganistan. The unfortunate reality is that both parties are culpable in the growth of Western war campaigns over the last couple of decades and the fomentation of terror. Each side of US leadership lays blame on the other as a way to paralyze the public’s perception – closing down any critical analysis as to why the country was involved in the first place.

IMAGE: ‘Caught on Camera’  John mcCain posing for pictures with a known terrorist and kidnapper Muahmmad Noor (on the right with camera) and in the upper left with proclaimed ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, or Ibrahim al-Badri aka ‘Abu Du’a’. (Photo link socioecohistory.files.wordpress.com)

Caught on Film

Once again, it’s important to note the significance of Senator John McCain‘s (seen above) meeting with ‘ISIS leadership’ in 2013, via the non-profit Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), which was under the direction of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and Washington Institute for Near East Policy, ( WINEP) both of which have direct ties to the Israeli lobby, American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. (AIPAC)

SETF organized McCain’s trip to Syria in 2013, here is the outline of that trip according to their own website:

“On Monday May 27, 2013 Senator John McCain traveled into Syria for a period of several hours to discuss the current situation in Syria and U.S. Syria Policy with General Salim Idris, leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, and 18 commanders of FSA battalions from all of Syria. While meeting with Senator McCain, General Idris and FSA commanders asked that the United States increase its aid to the Free Syrian Army in the form of heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and air strikes on Hezbollah. Syrian Emergency Task Force Field Director, Razan Shalab Al-Sham, Executive Director, Mouaz Moustafa, and Political Director Elizabeth O’Bagy organized and facilitated Senator McCain’s trip into the country.”

In September of 2013, 21WIRE reported about the fraudulent activity associated with McCain’s controversial visit to Syria:

“Elizabeth O’Bagy, a key operative in helping to pad Washington and Israel’s militarised policy regarding Syria by constructing the “moderate rebel” myth, was dumped by Kimberly Kagan and William Kristol’s neoconservative and pro-Israeli think tank, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) after it was discovered O’Bagy had claimed a nonexistent PhD from Georgetown University.”

Over the past year, the war-minded Senator was often heard boasting about meeting with so-called ‘moderate’ rebel fighters while seeking funding and arms for ‘interchangeable’ groups still fighting in Syria.

The public should very concerned about US officials escalating war with ISIS – as they have not been clear to the American people about the reality of this future war campaign, or its potential for blowback for the West. 

It should be pointed out that there’s a conflict of interest with regards to US involvement in Syria, as they’ve often made clear that their objective has been to unseat Assad’s government, making this current ‘coalition’ campaign appear highly dubious, if not deceptive, in its nature.

More from the NY Times below…

IMAGE: ‘Seeking War with ISIS or Syria?’ – Obama sends letter to US Congressional leaders for 3-year military campaign (Photo link thedailybeast.com)

In Obama’s latest master plan, there will be NO boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, and he’s called for ‘limited’ ground combat forces, “such as rescue operations”, as well as the use of “Special Operations forces to take military action against ISIL leadership.”

The executive proposal submitted to Congress specifically mentions alleged ‘ISIS victims’ Kayla Mueller, and James Foley, Steven J. Sotloff and Peter Kassig – as the justification for sustained military action – even though their is absolutely no actually forensic proof of their deaths…

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