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New Survey Shows Britons Dislike Israel More Than Any Other Non-EU Nation (except North Korea)

21st Century Wire says…

Look who beat out Iran in the latest disapproval polling sweepstakes (see full report below).

This should not come as a shock to anyone, except of course, maybe Israel...

BIBI NETANYAHU: “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen explained back in 2013 during the failed peace negotiations, “They say that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. They could have easily added a third one: that Palestine will continue to shrink.”

“If you look at a map of Palestinian land in 1947 compared to now, you’ll see that Israel has annexed over 90% of it. It’s a haunting graphic which clearly demonstrates the scale of the hurdles any peace negotiations must overcome”, he adds.

The reasons behind this latest polling revelation are many, and it’s certain that this past summer’s IDF slaughter of 2,500 Palestinians and making an additional 60,000 homeless in Gaza – has not helped Tel Aviv in the war for hearts and minds. The overriding theme has to do with Israel’s consistent and categorical lack of interest in moving both the peace process and Palestinian statehood along the road. This is the reason why the theme of “Iran” is pervasive in the Netanyahu narrative – it provides a constant distraction away from Israel’s Bantustan system of occupation and persecution which Israel has institutionalized over the last 65 years. Israel’s partners in crime in this case, have to be Washington DC and London, both of whom consistently reinforce the status quo in occupied Palestine, and regularly reject any calls for accountability of Israel’s part by undermining the UN’s ability to act on behalf of the oppressed.

Henningsen adds here, “Washington’s role in this diplomatic theater is already well-known and is similar to that of a match referee who has already been passed the brown envelope by the away team. Never in the history of this peace process has Israel ever had to make any actual concessions. Part of the reason for this is because Washington is there to help ensure certain outcomes on behalf of the Israel’s powerful lobby in the US.”

Suffice to say, it’s little wonder why the polls look this way, and so long as Washington and Tel Aviv continue to insist on an open prison society and economy for Palestine – punctuated by the occasional human purge that we witnessed this past summer, then these current poll numbers will only get worse for Israel…

UK demonstration in support of Palestine (Image Source: STWC)

Cynthia Blank
Israel National News

Britons dislike Israel more than they do any other non-European country in the world, with the exception of North Korea, a new study found. 

The Chatham House-YouGov survey, which documents British attitudes toward the United Kingdom’s international relations polices, was published last week.

In a section titled “General public attitudes towards other countries” respondents were asked to name the countries they “feel especially favorable towards” and “especially unfavorable towards.”

The section is also divided into European countries and non-European countries.

35 percent answered Israel in the “unfavorable” non-European countries category, second only to North Korea with 47 percent. Even Iran scored lower than the Jewish State with 33 percent.

Israel’s score, a significant rise of 18 points since the survey was last published in 2012, may be a result of timing as respondents were polled in August during the height of Operation Protective Edge.

According to the accompanying analytical paper published by Chatham House, Israel’s increase is “presumably in response to the controversial military campaign in Gaza and the civilian casualties it caused, which were prominent in the news at the time the survey was conducted.”

Interestingly, Iran’s rating though has jumped down 12 points from 2012.

Rounding out the bottom five are Pakistan at 28 percent and Nigeria at 21 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum, Britons feels most positive toward fellow commonwealth nations Australia and Canada, at 47 and 44 percent, respectively.

The results of the survey could serve as a nail in the coffin for British Jewry already depressed and dubious as to their future in the country…

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