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The Real Age of Stupid: Talking Heads Blame Latest Snowstorm on ‘Global Warming’

1-Patrick-henningsen-BW1Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

This week, we’re told that the eastern seaboard is under a ‘state of emergency’ because of a the snowfall ranging from 7.8 inches in New York to 18-22 inches in Boston as of tonight. With all the hype, you’d think it was the Little Ice Age.

Growing up in New England, I remember every winter being pretty much the same: lots of snow. This may come as a revelation to CNN, but believe it or not, that’s what happens in the winter time. Sometimes it got up to 2 or 3 feet, but there was never a ‘state of emergency’. This is the gelding of America happening right before your eyes.

Welcome to their brave new world of crisis management…

‘Weather experts’ started warning that the snow could reach ‘up to two feet’. Wild claims began to emerge on Monday afternoon like, “Severe weather is set to affect 60 million people”. Meaningless numbers perhaps, but their campaign worked: the public reacted with fear. Panic buying quickly spread throughout the Tri-State area, with many stores completely cleaned out of staple foods and essentials – all for a snow storm which would only last a few days.

Emergencies and crises are coming cheaper and cheaper these days. They even gave it a name, “Juno 2015”. Wonderful occult symbology there by the way, but before you laugh, mythology is exactly what we’re dealing with here…
JUNO: NYC retailers running ‘snow day sales’ today.

Some media outlets were claiming this was “The Worst Snow Storm in History”, which is not even remotely true (but hey, it sells papers so who really cares, right?). Across the region, the 2006 and 2003 Storm, Blizzard of ’97, Blizzard of ’78 and the Blizzard of ’69 were much worse, according to the National Weather Service, but not to the national media. New England caught the brunt of this week’s snow, but while media jesters were predicting an apocalypse in New York City, nothing happened.

Yet, we tuned into US broadcast networks last night and today to watch news anchors Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin outside in their knitted caps, pointing at tiny drifts of snow as if this is something historic. CNN was pumping-up ‘state-wide travel bans’, at least in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, starting at 11:30pm. “Only emergency personnel and certain members of the media [them] will be allowed out on the roads.”

Gore’s Odyssey: Another record-breaking freeze, still cult followers cling to climate mythology

The media made a big deal about how “Violating the road ban could cost  you fines of up to $300, and could lead to arrest”. We checked, and it appears that out of all 5 nanny states declaring this faux disaster – not one fine was given, and not one arrest was made for ‘violating emergency curfews’. It was a horrible exhibition of intimidation on the part of government officials and a compliant media. Pathetic.

Smart folks will already have figured out that this over-the-top, massive show of force has nothing at all to do with snow. It’s simply another excuse for the media and government officials to band together to show the feudal masses that they’ve got it all “under control”. In other words: ‘you need us, and don’t you forget it’.

Finally, former head of FEMA, Mike Brown became frustrated on air and challenged CNN’s Don Lemon on the media’s role in creating a fake weather crisis, “There a difference between giving a weather forecast and talking about, giving our prediction and here’s what we think is going to happen, and then on the other side of the studio when the news people start hyping it up about how bad it’s going to be, ‘it’s going to be Armageddon’, and that gets everyone riled up, and then people like Governor Cuomo say, ‘I’m going to tell the MTA to shut the subways down’, yet everything I read says they didn’t shut the subways down, they were still running empty trains… If people would just  tell the f**ing truth in these situations instead of hyping it up, then we’d all be better off.”

Embarrassed, Don Lemon then went silent for few seconds, and then exited the segment.

It seemed that CNN’s Lemon (photo above), awarded “Worst Journalist of 2014“, was in a hurry to tend to his next guest, and get down to doing what he really likes doing in front of America, which is playing with puppies, and talking about, “whether or not it’s safe for your dog to eat snow” (seriously).

The apologies started pouring in, as various meteorologists got on to Twitter to issue retractions:

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” Gary Szatkowski of the National Weather Service. “You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry.”

Despite inflating fears of a devastating “Snowmageddon”, Juno never actually arrived. How did the media get it so wrong? According to the weather experts, they used the wrong model”, meaning the wrong computer model. These are the very same computer models that the UN’s IPCC rely so heavily on when they make their “scientific” predictions of devastating global warming in the future.

As our readers at 21WIRE are well aware, the stupidest conspiracy theories these days are coming from two places – government and the mainstream media. As the snow began to fall on Monday, politicians were jockeying for position, taking turns making outrageous statements in order to appear relevant, and tough. Governors in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island all declared a state  of emergency. But why stop there?

The embattled NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio saw this as an opportunity to look like a Mayor, so he scrambled a press conference, decked out in his Sherpa outfit, proclaiming: ‘This will be one of the largest blizzard in the history of New York City. People must be prepared. This is not business as usual’

When de Blasio realized their was only a foot of snow, he then thrust himself back in front of the camera to claim, “We dodged a bullet!” What an idiot.


LOST: Andrew Cuomo.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) stood up on his podium, doing his best impression of that Aztec priest at the top of a pyramid in Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto, preaching their mythology de jour to another helpless crowd, “You’re getting a repeat pattern of these extreme weather situations, whether it’s Hurricane Sandy or seven feet of snow, and that’s part of the changing climate, I believe, that has brought this new extreme weather pattern, and it’s something we have to adjust to, it’s something that’s very costly, and it’s also something that’s very dangerous.”

It gets worse. Bill Finch, the Mayor of Bridgeport, CT, heaped praise upon ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton for “fighting the good fight on climate change” on MSNBC (no comment on Frostie’s privilege, thank heavens). Finch said, “Thank you for your show, Reverend, you’ve been fighting the good fight on climate change, and we can see the crazy climate here, and we’d like to have a little bit more of you down in Washington.”

Not to be outdone, President Obama took to his pulpit as well, to share his own revisionist version of the Bhagavad Gita with the Indian masses, claiming, “With rising seas, melting Himalayan glaciers, more unpredictable monsoons, cyclones getting stronger… The US recognizes our part in creating this problem, so we’re leading the global effort to combat it [climate change].”

That’s what they believe, or more accurately, that’s what they feel – which seems to be all that’s needed for spouting pop science these days. So we’re all meant to agree with the Governor of New York, because, well,  7 inches of snow falls in the Big Apple. He’s backed-up by members of the media, which means we are forced to suffer disposable headlines – like this one (one of many) by Kate Sheppard of the Huffington Post, “Is Climate Change To Blame For The Northeast Snow Storm?

You might laugh, but they are serious. There is still a lot of money in green and yellow journalism.

Sheppard goes on to try and stitch together the climate change mythology and 7 inches of snow in New York, saying, “Climate change deniers are gonna deny, but there is increasing evidence that ties atmospheric warming trends to heavier snowfall events.” In order to blog her way through it, she offers this as her ‘evidence’:

“We can’t make too big a deal of every single storm and say it is caused by climate change,” climate scientist Don Wuebbles of the University of Illinois in Urbana told National Geographic on Monday. “But what we are seeing today is completely typical of what you would expect to see in a warming climate.”

That’s why we “deny” Kate. It’s because there is no evidence that this little snow flurry was caused by global warming, or its re-branded catch-all term, “climate change”, and there is no evidence that this is a new, ‘extreme weather event’ either. It’s just a foot of snow. If you are really a true believer, then you will, while you’re at it, empty your fridge of its contents and put all your food outside, and then unplug your fridge – so as to lower your carbon foot print.

In 2009, filmmaker Fanny Armstrong produced an expensive piece of political film called Age of  Stupid. It was groundbreaking at the time, because it pioneered the process of crowd funding, initially raising an impressive £450,000 ($680,000). Even more money was raised afterwards towards the production. It developed a small cult following, not least of all because of the cult-like, doomsday scenario depicted in the film which was cleverly pretending to be backed-up by “irrefutable science”.  Like Al Gore’s thoroughly debunked, but Oscar Award-winning ‘documentary’, An Inconvenient Truth, Armstrong’s Stupid is an archetypal example of a propaganda film which is meant to take place in the year 2055, in a world ravaged by the effects of global warming – rising seas, spiced up with a little nuclear war, and a no Amazon rainforest left (that’s actually a conservation issue, not a climate issue, but who cares – just throw it all in the green blender). The film was lauded by the left as a “documentary”, but at best it’s science fiction, and at worst, it’s collectivist propaganda.

Why did we pick this film for this discussion? Because of its title, “The Age of Stupid”. What is more glaringly obvious now more than ever, is how stupid climate fanatic political busy-bodies are becoming now – where every snow storm, tornado, or rainstorm is explained-away with global warming or ‘climate change’, no matter how small it is.

Some members of the media feel it’s their duty to constantly play-up the fear because (in their mind) they feel they are covering their asses if God forbid, there’s any serious of loss of life. In the Blizzard of ’78 in Massachusetts, 100 died and 4,500 were injured. What about this week’s casualties? Hardly worth a mention. Was it more dangerous back then? Not necessarily, but we are more advanced today in terms of communications and technology today – which means that we are generally safer – which means we should be panicking less, not more. 

A few weeks ago they also said that last year was the warmest ever, which was also a lie. To be accurate, one could say that 2014 was 8/10 of a degree warmer than it was 100 years ago. On its own, however, even that figure is meaningless in the wider context – past, present and future – of this planet’s temperature, which is almost completely determined by celestial factors – like incoming rocks and the sun (and not SUV’s and cows). Truth be known, Global cooling is a much bigger threat to life in our Northern Hemisphere.

If you are looking for a real demon in your midst, then look at this photograph, taken by a satellite above the US eastern seaboard:

It would be nice if all of our ‘green journalists’ would be so brave as to spend an equal amount of time and effort to let us know why they are spraying chemicals and producing artificial cloud cover over the US and parts of Europe.

Soon, you will see these same green-yellow journalists trying to tell us that, “Yes, there’s spraying happening, but it’s only ‘experimental’, in order to reflect back the sunlight, and save us all from global warming.”

No, it’s not experimental, it’s dangerous geoengineering, stupid.

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