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Argentina: Intelligence Agents Suspected in Death of Prosecutor

21st Century Wire says…

In this story, we find evidence of internal power struggles contributing to the rise of conspiracy, assassination and subversion. 

Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor who had accused Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez of attempting to coverup what happened in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, was found dead in what was initially deemed a suicide. Now, “a power struggle at Argentina’s intelligence agency” and “rogue agents” are thought to be responsible.

Mother of late prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

This is not a relatively well known case, but what it shows us is that conspiracy, assassination and subversion do occur at the highest levels of national governments; contrary to what mainstream media would have you believe. The “blizzard of conspiracy theories” currently prevalent in Argentina are said to have “rocked” the country.

Tragic though the case is, it is good to know that at least some governments take the presence and operation of conspiracy seriously; while the West refuses to investigate issues of immense concern.

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Argentina suspects rogue agents were behind death of prosecutor

Hugh Bronstein

(Reuters) – Argentina suspects rogue agents from its own intelligence services were behind the death of a state prosecutor investigating the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.

Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment late on Sunday, a gunshot wound to his head and a 22 caliber pistol by his side along with a single shell casing.

He had been scheduled to appear before Congress on Monday to answer questions about his allegation that President Cristina Fernandez conspired to derail his investigation of the attack.

His death and a blizzard of conspiracy theories around it have rocked Argentina.

The government says Nisman’s allegations and his death were linked to a power struggle at Argentina’s intelligence agency and agents who had recently been fired.

It says they deliberately misled Nisman and may have had a hand in writing parts of his 350-page complaint.

“When he was alive they needed him to present the charges against the president. Then, undoubtedly, it was useful to have him dead,” the president’s chief of staff, Anibal Fernandez, said on Friday.

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