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Why Martin Scorsese Has Bailed On His Bill Clinton Documentary Film

21st Century Wire says…

He’s the darling of Davos, and the toast of New York City’s socialite set. But he also hangs out on private jets with a convicted billionaire paedophiles – like Jeffrey Epstein.

To most people who have studied Bill Clinton’s criminal history, his biggest criminal felony wasn’t that he lied to America under oath during the Monica Lewinsky affair. No, that was relatively small change compared to the real litany of Clinton crimes, some of which was documented in the The Clinton Chronicles. There’s also the issue of the financial rape of Haiti which Clinton played a crucial role in. The list goes on.

Something has spooked Hollywood’s cinema legend Martin Scorsese – enough for him to drop a multi-million dollar documentary film project about Slick Willy.

One of Hollywood’s big secrets…

Rick Moran

PJ Media

Legendary film director Martin Scorsese is a big Bill Clinton fan. In a 2012 statement announcing his intention to film a documentary on the 42nd president, Scorsese gushed the film would “provide greater insight into this transcendent figure.”

1-Martin_ScorseseTwo years ago, he started to follow Clinton’s globetrotting, filming the ex-president in Africa and elsewhere doing good works, and representing the Clinton Foundation.

But after two years of work, Scorsese has shelved the project because of some outrageous demands by Bill Clinton. It seems that Clinton wanted to be able to approve interview questions in advance as well as have some control over the final cut of the film. This was too much even for a Clinton worshiper like Scorsese who not only turned Clinton down, but has shut down production for the time being.

The New York Times explains why Clinton wanted so much control:

Clearly, the film carried the risk that an unflattering camera angle, unwelcome question or even an obvious omission by Mr. Scorsese would become a blemish to Mr. Clinton’s legacy or provide fodder for Clinton critics as the 2016 campaign approaches. Apparently to avoid such problems, people close to Mr. Clinton sought to approve questions he would be asked in the film, and went so far as to demand final cut, a privilege generally reserved for directors of Mr. Scorsese’s stature.

Mr. Scorsese’s camp rejected those suggestions and the project was shelved. The film now appears to be years away from completion.

Chelsea Clinton, who left her lucrative NBC News job in August and works closely with her father, was expected to figure in the documentary in some way, and some in the Clinton circle had speculated that she would be credited as a producer. But a spokesman for Ms. Clinton said any notion that she had sought to join the production was “categorically false.”

In recent months, Mr. Clinton’s team has shown increased discipline in keeping the former president on message ahead of his wife’s likely 2016 presidential campaign. Mrs. Clinton is expected to declare her candidacy sometime this spring.

The former president is often a strong asset for his wife, however Mr. Clinton also proved to be a liability during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary when he made comments about then-Senator Barack Obama that many interpreted as racially insensitive.

Other entertainment projects with the Clinton’s as subject matter are also mostly hung up or canceled:

While “Clinton the Musical,” a stage satire focused on Clinton administration scandals, is now set for an Off Broadway run beginning in March, other Clinton-themed entertainment projects have faltered.

In the fall of 2013, CNN scrapped a documentary about Mrs. Clinton in the face of pushback from Clinton aides and the Republican National Committee; NBC dropped a planned mini-series in which Diane Lane would have portrayed her.

Also, “Rodham,” a planned feature film about the romance between a young Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, has been struggling through Hollywood’s development process since Lionsgate acquired rights to it in 2013.

The Clinton’s are not shy about exercising power, as the effort to release the TV mini-series, The Path to 9/11 illustrates.  The controversial film is still not available for public viewing either streaming, or on DVD. The Walt Disney Company, parent of  ABC, refuses to release the film and has never shown it since its original airing more than 8 years ago.

That kind of power is not to be tampered with, as Scorsese no doubt realizes…

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