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Too Good For TV? Late Night Host Craig Ferguson Exits Gracefully

21st Century Wire says…

Was he too good for America’s flailing late night TV market?

Not all of TV’s seemingly endless line-up of bland, non-talented, coma-inducing hosts are worthless time-wasters…

After you get past all the politically correct, trendy, metro sexual hosts – who try to badly impersonate either Johnny Carson or David Letterman or Arsenio Hall, and have elevated sycophantic, celebrity ass-kissing to a bad art form (like Jimmy Fallon), you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one Scottish actor, writer and comedian named Craig Ferguson, who began his late night talk show host career with CBS in 2005, and wrapped up his last episode on Dec 19, 2014.

“Ferguson actively sought out the unrehearsed, the spontaneous, the awkward, the weird, the difficult to bear. He recognized and despised late night’s deification of celebrity and took every opportunity to mock us for buying into it”, said Digg.

 Adam Albright-Hanna remarks, “Remember the field day comics had making fun of Britney Spears during her “meltdown” a few years ago? Well, not all comics thought it was so funny. If you caught this the first time around, now would be a good time to re-watch.”

Ferguson imparts some sound advice on to the hopelessly boring talk show American talk show host Seth Myers:

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