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Use of the word ‘Autistic’ in the English language

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have noticed that there are a few self-styled and self-appointed Politically Correct (PC) police, who we’ve spotted trolling the comment sections of this website. Here’s the issue…

The PC police seem upset that the word ‘Autistic’ was used in a very popular 21WIRE article entitled, ‘The Interview’ Flops, FBI ‘North Korean Hack’ Story Also Debunked. These PC patrols are claiming to be parents of autistic children, and also claim they are traumatized by this author’s use of the word ‘autistic’. They claim that by using this word (used by the author to describe a self-absorbed, inward-looking Mainstream Media – anyone following media could hardly argue with that characterization) the author has engaged in an act of cultural heresy.

ENGLISH 101: In response, we can only give you a simple English lesson in the hopes that A) You can read, and B) You can calm down long enough to actually comprehend what you are reading, and C) You understand the context in which the ‘autistic’ is being used, as per the many definitions below – all of which which do not refer to children with disabilities, their families, friends or their advocates.

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary (Book form), the word ‘Autistic’, as used and additionally defined in North American English language is as follows:

(au-tist-ic/ adjective) A state of mind characterized by self-absorption, fantasy, and disregard for external reality”.

The Latin roots are self-explanatory: The word autistic is derived from the Greek word, ‘Autos’, meaning ‘self’.

Additionally, the American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literature defines autism as it applies to adults as those who are:

“extremely self-absorbed and who see things in terms of their hopes and fantasies rather than realistically.”

Other similar online definitions are listed, for example, ‘autistic’ as an adjective:a tendency to view life in terms of one’s own needs and desires”, and also with ‘autism’ as a noun:(psychiatry) a developmental disorder whose symptoms include difficulty in responding conventionally to people and actions and limited use of communication”.

Once again, in the context of the article in question, and describing the Mainstream Media, “a highly autistic US media”.

Political correctness as we know it in the 20th and 21st centuries is an outgrowth of a radical social movement called Cultural Marxism, and is used as a tool in both Applied Behavioral Psychology and in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). ‘Politically Correct’ social policing is designed to do the following:

1. Control language, and thus control thought.
2. Disguise reality.
3. Shutdown, or derail critical discussion or debate.
4. Curtail freedom of speech and expression.
5. Impose total uniformity in society.

OUR ADVICE TO ANY PC POLICE: Grow up. This is not a college campus, this is the real world. If you are offended by the totally legitimate use of a word, then that is your own problem and no one else’s.

By casting your decrees down from your moral Ivory Tower like a zealot, or pretending to be a victim, or declaring which words are correct and which are not, and then casting dispersion on writers who you believe have offended your mob by misusing a word, or for using a word which the PC ‘Gestapo’ have banned – by participating in any of the aforementioned PC activities, you are acting as cultural gatekeepers and therefore, no different from the crazed gatekeepers pictured below who engage in identical behaviors – and are known as the Taliban…

TALIBAN: The are the intolerant, politically correct police in their backwards culture in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If you do not like the English language, then maybe you should try different language, like Nepalese, or Mandarin Chinese.

If you are an intolerant, self-righteous politically correct zealot and believe you are superior in your politically correct mode and believe that only you can decide who can use which words and when – then consider doing all of us who live in free speech zones a favor – and move away to resettle in a more intolerant, rigid, or conformist and culturally Marxist society (like North Korea perhaps), where you might feel more at home…




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