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CDC Stocking-Stuffer: 12 Scientists Exposed to Ebola in Lab This Week

21st Century Wire says…

It’s times like this when you realize how much your government loves you…

In their ‘state-of-the-art’ biohazard (bioweapons?) lab in Atlanta, scientists were working with samples of various pathogens and killer agents like Anthrax, and of course, Ebola, when for some bizarre reason, a ‘mistake’ was apparently made during the transfer of the killer Ebola samples. When asked exactly what happened, the CDC replied: ‘We put the Ebola in the wrong fridge’.

According to the CDC, a less-hazardous material that should have gone to the second lab down the hall – was placed in the first lab’s freezer, and the more hazardous deadly material, ended up in the second lab. Apparently, the CDC technician in the second lab couldn’t read the color coded test tubes.

Was he color blind?

What can we expect next?

Who knows, but it’s a monumental FUBAR-level situation in Atlanta, and with this White House’s record, you can be absolutely certain that no heads will roll as a result of the incompetence.

Isn’t that interesting, and what a coincidence that this announcement comes right on Christmas Eve. Expect this story to feed into the hype to fast-track the experimental ‘Ebola vaccine’.

Now isn’t that something…

Washington Post
Researchers studying Ebola in a highly secure laboratory mistakenly allowed potentially lethal samples of the virus to be handled in a much less secure laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, agency officials said Wednesday.

One technician in the second laboratory may have been exposed to the virus and about a dozen other people have been assessed after entering the facility unaware that potentially hazardous samples of Ebola had been handled there.

The technician has no symptoms of illness and is being monitored for 21 days. Agency officials said it is unlikely that any of the others who entered the lab face potential exposure. Some entered the lab after it had been decontaminated. Officials said there is no possible exposure outside the secure laboratory at CDC and no exposure or risk to the public.

“At this time, we know of only the one potential exposure,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said in a telephone interview.

The mistake took place Monday afternoon. It was discovered by laboratory scientists Tuesday and within an hour reported to agency leaders. The error, which is under internal investigation, was reported to Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Mathews Burwell and to a program that has oversight over pathogens such as Ebola and anthrax.

The mistake comes after a series of incidents this summer involving the mishandling of dangerous pathogens at the nation’s labs. An incident at a CDC lab in June potentially exposed dozens of employees to live anthrax because employees failed to properly inactivate the anthrax when transferring samples…

Read more at The Post

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