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Original Sin: Cal State President Believes All White People Are Born Racist

21st Century Wire says…

Political correctness (pc) is not just a radical, narrow-minded way of re-shaping reality and those afflicted seem to be helpless to its seduction, making it akin to a mental disorder…

This is one of the better critiques on Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism we’ve seen lately, which offers a well thought out, nonsensational argument (unusual for Infowars, but Kurt Nimmo happens to be their oldest, most experienced staff writer), which explains why this academic leader’s view runs contrary with America’s founding principles.

The Marxist NLP linguistic device which has been unleashed on American college campuses, referred to by pc clerics as, “Check Your Privilege”, has been deployed to devastating effect – in order to shut down honest debate by constraining legitimate discourse into a pre-cast, social narrative of prescribed politicized demographic identities.

The intellectual rot in California’s State University system seems to go right to the very toop of the institution. Perhaps Jane Close Conoley should be sacked for her public comments.

You decide…

CULTURAL MARXISM: Jane Close Conoley represents the radical left’s agenda of cultural Marxism.

Kurt Nimmo

Jane Close Conoley, the president of one of the largest public universities in the United States, believes white people are inherently racist and born with “significant unearned privilege.”

On December 5, Conoley, who is white, wrote for the California State University at Long Beach website:

Light skin color and high-income levels may attract significant unearned privilege. This privilege can manifest itself in numerous ways that afford automatic trust, deference, and security. Those who are less affluent with darker skin or from other cultures can be targets of micro to macro aggressions, distrust, and low expectations for behavior.

For Conoley and the collectivists now pushing a racially-based ideology on America’s universities, “privilege” is genetic and tribal, it is divorced from individuality and individual accomplishment. If a white person is successful, this is the result of racism, not individual endeavor. Others, unknown and unconnected, are responsible for this success.

Obama said as much when he declared there is no such thing as individual accomplishment, that success is a collectivist notion. “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” he said on July 13, 2012, in Roanoke, Virginia.

Conoley and the race-based collectivists believe individual behavior is attributed to skin color. Fear, mistrust and other individually formulated opinions and conceptions, be they positive or negative, are the result of melanin-based “privilege” unrelated to other considerations.

The Declaration of Independence and the predicate of natural rights are anathema to the collectivist philosophy and its reliance on a rigid, race-based determinism. For Conoley and the Marxian collectivists, the very concept of unalienable rights and autarchy, or self-rule, enable “white privilege” and must be eliminated…

Continue Kurt Nimmo’s article here




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